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The Effect Of Extract Seed Dukuas Therapy Anti Hyperglycemia In Thediabetes Modelrat

Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a multisystem metabolic disease due to abnormal insulin secretion, work and insulin function, or both. Abnormalities in the secretion or work of insulin cause abnormalities in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The estimated prevalence of DM at the age of 20-79 years is 6.4% in 2010 and will increase to 7.7% by 2020 [1]. Indonesia ranks 9th in the estimation of world DM epidemiology in 2010 with 7 million cases and will continue to rise to the 5th rank in 2030 with 20 million cases [2].

Based on estimates from the World Health Organization (WHO), more than 80% of the population of developing countries depend on traditional medicines to overcome health problems. One plant of that has an antioxidant effect and is often used by Indonesian people in the treatment of diabetes is Mahogany ( Swietenia macrophilla King ).B mahogany iji ( Swietenia macrophilla King ) has an antihyperglycemic effect [3]. In addition, S. Mahagoni L. Jacq species also shows potential as antidiabetic and antioxidative in diabetic rats. Mahogany is a plant from the Meliaceace family.

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The duku plant ( Lansium domesticum Corr) is also a plant from the Meliaceace family. Therefore it is likely that duku seeds can be used as a diabetes medicine like mahogany seeds[4].

The phytochemical test of duku seeds showed that all extract fractions contained flavonoids and terpenoids, while the acetone and residual fractions contained alkaloids and saponins [5]. Most of plants that contain bioactive compounds such as flavonoids, saponoid, saponins and triterpenoids have antioxidant activity and other mechanisms as substances that have the potential to cause hypoglycemic effects.

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Unfortunately, until now research on the potential hypoglycemic effect of duku seed extract has was few. Given the increasing epidemiological estimates of diabetes, the objective of this study was to evaluate conduct research on the potential hypoglycemic effect of duku seed extract in diabetic rats, as well as a manifestation of the preservation of medicinal plants sourced from the local wisdom of the people of South Sumatra.


In vivo study has been conducted at Animal House Faculty of Medicine, Sriwijaya University form April 2019 to June 2019. There were 24 rats that fulfill the criteria inclution. Criteria inclution was rat adult male white mouse, age 3 months, body weight 150-160 grams, healthy physical condition (no defects or abnormalities).

The protocol of the study has been approved by Ethical Committee, Faculty of medicine, Sriwijaya University.

Material Sand Tools

Seedduku ( Lansium domesticum Corr ), glimepiride from PT.Dexa Medica, male white Wistar rats, 1% CMC solution, ethanol, alloxan, aqua dest, standard feed in the form of pellets, ELISA kit HbA1c 1 set, alcohol swabs, hand scoops, and tissues. Krat, mouse drinking bottles, gloves, sonde (oral needles), spool, analytical scales, bunsen lights, blenders, ovens, a set of distillation equipment, erlenmeyer flask, flacon bottle, rotary evaporator, mask, blood glucose test meter ( Roche), micropipette, microplate reader, and microcentrifuge tube. Animal testing ratmaleWistar strain 3 years old month with range for nothing bodyweight 200-25 0 grams.

Extract Seed Duku

Duku seeds that have been dried are weighed as much as 2 kg and cut into small pieces, mashed with a blender and sifted in sizes 80-100 mesh. Then filtering was done by maceration using ethanol and then the maceration results were evaporated by vacuum distillation and continued with a rotary evaporator until thick extracts were obtained.

Preparation and Treatment Animal Try

Rats were acclimatized indoors for 7 days before being treated. Rats were fasted for 8 hours (drinking is still given) then the rats were induced by alloxan at a dose of 160 mg / kg intraperitoneally.Then the mice were kept for 7 days and then their blood sugar levels were measured. Blood sugar levels of mice> 200 mg / dl were grouped as hyperglycemic mice. Hyperglycemic rats were grouped randomly into 5 groups. All groups of rats were given food and drink.

Formakeextractseeddukuto be oral preparations, made solution in water with add CMC 1%.Treatmentgivenfor 7 days and respectively group given treatment single dose

Measurement Hb A1c

Blood is taken from rats through the periorbita and put in a 0.5 ml EDTA tube. Then p engambilan sample of whole blood tube primer followed with sample dilution and analysis time of three minutes per sample. Samples are automatically diluted on D-10and injected into analytic cartridges.D-10provides programmable gradient buffer enhance mention strength to the cartridge where hemoglobin is separated by their ionic interactions with cartridge material. Hemoglobin is separated later pass through the cell filter photometer filter where the change in absorbance is measured at Wave length of 415 nanometers.D-10 soft ware reduce the raw data collected from eachanalysis. Two-level calibration is used for quantification of the value of HbA1c. Sample report and the chromatogram is generated for each sample. Area A1c is calculated using exponential modified Gaussian (EMG) algorithms that are not included labile HbA1c region and carbamate peak fromA1c peak area.

Data Analysis

Data obtained from results observation that is analyzed in a manner statistics using the SPSS version 24 program. Analysisbeginningto test for normality and homogeneity test.If the data is normal and homogeneous (p> 0.05), analysis next with post-hoc LSD. If the data is not normal or not homogeneous, analysis do with non-parametric tests. Difference meaning ful if significance less from levelerror α.

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