The effect of education in our socicety Essay

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The effect of education in our socicety

Education is the most important achievement of a persons’ lifetime. The possibilities and accomplishments become virtually endless once you have achieved a college education. One can tailor their education toward specific areas of learning to become anything they want in American society. Having an education not only gives you the promise of a decent life, but produces self confidence and self esteem. Knowledge is the most important tool that America bestows upon her citizens. Anyone who lives here, without prejudice, has the right to pursue an education in any field and to any level they wish. A solid, basic education, followed by a specific, career orientated, college education, is the cornerstone of the American way of life; the first major step toward achieving the American dream.

An example of this is the way technology is advancing in our everyday life. Computers have become as common in every household as a television. This was not the case as little as ten years ago when the Internet, having been in existence since the late sixty’s, was barely giving birth to what we now know as Web (World Wide Web). Education, along with creativity, is the driving force that brought the information super-highway to life. Today, the rate of advancement in new technologies is approximately three months. These advancements are due to the men and women who have spent years of training acquiring the education needed in our technology based society. This training has given them the knowledge to expand upon, or even discover new applications in science, business, technology, agriculture, art, or any other educational path one might wish to pursue. These advancements are improving the quality of nearly every aspect of our lives. All of us, without exception, benefit on a daily basis, from the bounties reaped by normal, everyday people, in the physical application of there education.

A further example of the benefits of education in our society is employment. There are more self employed people and private or family owned business’s in America then ever before. People have always had good ideas to make money. Now, thanks to the communicability of the internet and the accessibility of the Web, coupled with an education, these relatively new technologies allow people to apply their ideas in ways never before possible. This is because they now have access to virtually everyone, and, virtually everyone has access to them. All of these web based businesses require an education in computers as well as business management. These new virtual stores have no shelves to stock and no cashier up front, everything is done electronically. General labor used to be the predominant way to earn money in America, this however, is rapidly changing. As the level of our technology grows, the need for a highly educated workforce grows with it. With a proper education, ones choices and opportunities are increased dramatically, as does the earned wage.

A third example of the benefit of an education is personal accomplishment. One has the tools to set higher personal standards and achieve higher goals. Everyone feels good about a job well done. Doing exceptionally well at a given task builds self confidence that carries over to all other aspects of life, building character and self esteem. An education brings out the creativity in a person. The ability to come up with an original idea, based on known ideas, is how all invention comes about. An education is the basis through which all known ideas were conceived.

I believe that education is the foundation for the future, the building block through which we will create a totally new world. Obtaining an education is not a simple matter; it takes commitment, dedication, and a lot of effort. The rewards of having and using an education far outweigh any hardships dealt with in acquiring it. Not only are there personal benefits, there are benefits to society in helping to shape a new tomorrow. I believe that the American dream is to use acquired knowledge to make money doing something you enjoy, to get paid for doing something you would do for free. Education is the way to that dream.

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