The educational system Essay

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The educational system

If I were the minister of education I would most probably last not more than a day or two, because of two main reasons. The first one is that I would honestly like to bring a change to the content of the educational system. The second main reason is that, recently, most ministers of educations that have successively occupied this position have not lasted too long, fortunately or not. The educational system is facing numerous problems today. The main one is that in 20 years there have been over 16 laws of education, each one hoping to change the entire system. On this point, the issue concerns the lack of continuity. So, if I were to be the minister of education and last for long enough, I would certainly assure some continuity of the implemented reforms. Studying the impact the 16 laws could have had, I have come to the conclusion that very few of them were really highly possible to have consistent drawbacks. The other ones should have just been implemented for a larger period of time, so the effects could have been visible on the generations finishing a consistant stable educating system.

A second thing I would certainly change about the educational system concerns the universitary system of education. The number of students in the universitites is way much bigger than the rhythm of absortion of the working fields they study. Because of that, most of the students will not be able to work in their domains, and will be forced either to change the specialization area or to work as unspecialized in a less payed domain. This is why I would cut the number of students admitted on a specialization per year, so that the labour market will be able to enter the working system’s fields. Another thing that should be changed is the evaluation system, which is not very consistant, wether we talk about the first classes of school or the last masterate’s year. The evaluation process should be a permanent, bidirectional, systematized and even practical for every class or attended courses. This, of course, would mean that the teachers should be interested and well motivated to prepare the children to the fullest extent of the term.

Which also leads to the obvious conclusion that the teachers and professors shold be better payed, for the educational system to work in a transparent proficient way, without risks of fraud, misconceptions or bad practice. I would also require more study classes, even in the compulsory schedule. For instance, a second year student on communication has only 20 hours of classes per week, which is half the hours our parents spent in universities, from which we can conclude that the entire superior educational system has lowered the standards.

The 20 hours include 10 hours of optional courses, to which going is not compulsory, so that there actually are 10 actual classes per week for a young person who will, in a year from now, be specialized on this field. There are, of course, students who have part-time or full time jobs or who are implied in voluntariate programs, but this is not available for all of them, but to aproximate 10 to 20 per cent. Also, being able to apply the theories should be a mandatory requirement, not optional and on every student’s free judgement based.

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