Educational Purposes and Principles of Elements

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The future of the world is based solely on the coming generations. Fifty years from now, the footprints of our modern society will be faded. Like vulnerable sand on the edge of a beach, aged imprints wash away, and new ones mark the landscape. Culture, technology, and politics are dependent on those living in the time. People are established very young, and often through their education. So, shouldn’t their schooling be as well-done as possible? If the future deserves brilliant leaders and residents of the world, then naturally they deserve a brilliant education.

Presently, American schools just aren’t delivering. If forming an ideal school today, several efficient, yet unfortunately rare, factors would need to be implemented to fashion first-rate teachers and administer a phenomenal education for generations to come.

Every form of education always begins with an instructor and a student. An exceptional student clearly needs an exceptional instructor. The most paramount requirement of an ideal school is a team of excellent teachers to distribute their knowledge.

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Not all teachers are created equal, understandably. The first revolutionary movement of this ideal school is to elevate each and every teacher to a great standard of excellence. Education experts agree that the best trail to a successful school is providing teachers with time to work together and peer review each other. (Friedman) After receiving college education, teachers will undergo an in-depth series of training by their colleagues to ensure proper merit in instruction. Working closely with one another will also encourage harmony in the school and provide understanding of what students are learning in other subject areas.

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So much material is thrown at a student daily that it becomes difficult to keep up with it all. Relating it over the course of many subjects will make the facts easier to comprehend and apply in terms of other classes. (Flanagan)

There is no one people trust more than their family. Parent involvement should be a top priority among school system. Too often, it is left out in the cold. If a student is having trouble with the material, learning it from a parent may make all the difference. China’s idea of ‘parent training – bringing parents to the school multiple times per semester to learn how to help their kids with work and follow online lessons – is genius. (Friedman) As the student gets older, and the lessons become more difficult, many times parents want to help their kids, but just can’t. Other times, the parents just don’t understand why the student isn’t doing well. Scolding the student will not make their performance improve. Making an effort to learn it and help their children will make a huge difference. Another process to keep parents involved would be regular parent-teacher updates. (Friedman) This would eliminate the shock of a sudden rough report card. It would also keep parents familiar with the areas in which their children are struggling.

Just like any place of business, a school needs to work like a well-oiled machine. The administration constantly ends up clashing with the educators, however. If a teacher’s performance isn’t working out, the school doesn’t work to improve the quality of the teacher, but instead choose not to renew the teacher’s contract. With the fear of unemployment in the back of a teacher’s mind, they are likely to choose doing whatever it takes to make students pass rather than take pride in spreading knowledge. (Flanagan) With today’s system, anyone can be a decent teacher. They get a list of curriculum, a textbook outlining everything, and a class of eager minds. All the teacher needs to do is explain everything on the list. How could an exclusive list ever do any subject justice? Knowledge is endless and teachers should not be limited to a play by-play of things the kids are supposed to know. An ideal school would bring in experts to teach the classes and provide a basic outline of things the kids should learn, but ultimately let the teacher be unrestricted. Instead of cramming tons of facts into the students’ heads, this will help them develop a genuine interest in the subject. “We could “build quality” by developing 21st century techniques of education that aren’t built on a foundation of standardized curriculum developed by 10 elite men in the 1890’s.” (Flanagan)

If the United States shall remain as the backbone of the world, it needs intelligent citizens. Knowledge must start young, and as schools improve, our society’s intellect will as well. “… Doing the things that U.S. and Chinese educators know work… has in a decade lifted some of [Shanghai’s] schools to the global heights in reading, science and math skills.” (Friedman) Nobody can argue with facts. It has been proven that these systems work and will improve our education system. These components of a successful school must be considered when developing new schools. Even if it has to be implemented in several private schools before the public school systems are willing to be convinced by the success of the students, this trend needs to make its way to America immediately.

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