The earth and its people chapter 17 Essay

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The earth and its people chapter 17

1. Why were death rates among Amerindians so high? P. 432 2. What was the most deadly of the epidemics in the Americas? P. 432 3. What (3) New World (Americas) foods revolutionized Old World (Europe, Africa, Asia) agriculture? P. 432 4. What did the horse do for the native peoples of the Americas? P. 433-4 5. What country occupied most of the Brazilian coast? P. 434 6. How did Amerindian people respond to the imposed Christianity? P. 434 7. What kind of powers did the highest-ranking Spanish officials in the colonies have? Why? P. 435 8.

What regions were included in the Viceroy of Spain? P. 435 9. What was the primary agent by which European language and culture was transmitted to Brazil and Spanish America? P. 435 10. What was the richest institution in the Spanish colonies? P. 437 11. What commodities dominated the economic development of colonial Latin America? P. 437 12. What was the “mita”? p. 439 13. What did sugar plantations in Brazil depend on? P. 439 14. Why did sugar planters prefer African slaves to Amerindian slaves? P. 439 15. What were Hidalgos? P. 440 16.

What forms did slave resistance take? P. 444 17. What was manumission and how did a slave achieve that? P. 444 18. What were castas? Give examples. 444-5 19. How were the governments and economic systems of English and French colonies different than those of the Spanish and Portuguese? Why? 445 20. Were the English successful in their first efforts to establish colonies in the Americas? Give an example. 445 21. How much of Jamestown’s population died within the first 15 years? Why? P. 446 22. How did the fur trade and hunting affect the Amerindian people? P.

446 23. What was indigo grown around Charleston used for? P. 447 24. What was the Stono Rebellion of 1739? P. 447 25. What are 3 ways that immigration to the Chesapeake differed from that of Massachusetts? P. 447 26. Merchants from what European nation first colonized Manhattan Island in 1624? P. 449 27. What did French settlements emphasize? P. 450 28. Who were the enemies of the Huron and Algonquin, who then became enemies of the French? P. 450 29. What were 3 things Jesuits did in an effort to convert native people to Christianity in French Canada? P. 450 30.

What was the result, politically, of the French and Indian War (Seven Years’ War)? p. 452 31. What was the purpose of the English Navigation Acts? p. 454 Free Response Focus Questions: Answer these questions in a 5-7 sentence paragraph. In your own words. Do not simply copy from the book and memorize the response. Know it. Support your response with plenty of facts. Understand where events fall historically (global context, cause/effect, etc) 1. Considering the Columbian Exchange and colonization, what were the major impacts on the peoples of the Americas?

2. What role does religion play in European settlement of the Americas? Be specific as to Spanish, Portuguese, French, and British uses of Christianity as a tool of colonization. 3. The chapter describes several different types of forced labor practices. Describe each practice and explain why each one was preferred in different locations. Compare/Contrast: Write a well-developed thesis statement which clearly addresses similarities and differences. 4. Compare and contrast Latin American with North American colonies from 1530-1770.

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