The early years foundation stage Essay

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The early years foundation stage

1. Explain the legal status and principles of the relevant early years framework/s, and how national and local guidance materials are used in settings.

The early years foundation stage or as it is commonly known as EYFS. The early year’s foundation stage consists of a number of curriculums for children from birth to 5years. All child care providers must endure to the set rules and regulations in order for the child to meet the five every child matters outcomes.

The EYFS covers six areas of development which makes up the rules and guidelines you have to abide by when helping the children to learn and helping them in their education. These areas are-

* Physical Development

* Knowledge and Understanding of the World

* Problem-solving, Reasoning and Numeracy

* Creative Development

* Communication, Language and Literacy

* Personal, Social and Emotional Development

All six areas are equally important and included in all relevant planning, whoever it is child-initiated or adult-led activities should all be linked the 6 areas of the EYfS.

The EYFS can also be broken down into four main principles which alongside the 6 areas of learning guide the work and activities the practitioners do from day to day,. The principles are,

* Enabling environment

* Positive relationships

* learning and development

* a unique child

So the EYFS guides the way in which nursery practitioners work and the day to day duties and the planning and activities we set out. as we have ttThese four elements underpin effective practice in the o implement the EYFS guidelines, As following the guidelines helps us to properly help the children in there development and make sure that each child has the best start in life.

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