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The Ranch: Free Theme

Paper type: Essay
Pages: 7 (1685 words)
Categories: Theme
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The early western sun rose, the occasional Blackbird flew overhead and the sound of the cultivator echoed in the musky dawn air as the ranch workers began their day.

George shot up from his sleep, panting heavily as the obvious sweat ran a glistening trail down his forehead. An abrupt gust of cold wind slithered down his spine yet he refused to shrug in away.

“You ‘kay, George? You sure you don’t wan’ the day off- you was mumbling in your sleep” Slim called from the neighbouring bunk.

” Yea, got no problem here” George said as convincingly as he could manage, sitting off the bed he tried to focus his blurred vision on Slim who sat with a worried expression, ” George you really ought to-”

” Please Slim!” George cut him off. ” I don’ wanna be alone here all day, jus’ gimme a moment and I’ll be out there with you lot in a bit, kay?”

The sudden raise in tone gained the attention of a few others in the bunk, they were now following the conversation, curious of the new conflict.

Slim looked at George with knowing eyes. ” If thats what ya say George,” he sighed ” the rest of us’ll be headin’ out in 10. See if you can get yourself there on time”. Slim rose to his feet signalling an end to their conversation and the bunk returned to the usual bustle of activity.

Clarlson was getting ready to head out to the field, Candy sat in the corner patting his pup and slowing getting dressed while George spent a passing moment staring at Lennies now empty bed before getting ready to head out to a hot day of work.

The lack of wind offered little retrieval from the ferociously hot sun beating down on the workers backs. George clearly not in the correct state of mind disheartedly did his work, the empty glare in his eyes indicated he wasn’t there. He lifted what felt like the thousandth bag of grain and slumped it onto the van, sighing deeply.

With his head held low, he walked to cary yet another bag stopping to run his hand along through the sweat that had been produced along his brow line. Others on the ranch could not help but notice Georges behaviour but continued with their work.

” He’s just gonna need to move on, he aint the first guy to loose someone he likes and he aint gon’ be the last” Carlson said to Candy who was also watching curiously, placing his pup down, ” Stay here pup, I aint gon’ be long”.

Candy trended across the field to the van where George had been placing the bags of grain.

” Ya cant go on like this forever,’ Candy paused an waited for a response if Curley’s ol man saw you this low he’d sen’ you away” Candy said carefully, being mindful of recent events.

” If that old bastard wants to can me, I could care less” George stated firmly placing the next bag of grains down with much more aggression.

” You boy, listen here” he began, ” You’re no use on this ranch, god dam dead on your feet. Don’t you try an’ deny it now. Been watching you since morning”

George paid little attention to the nuisance and continued with his work as he did not posses the patience not the mental will power to have an argument with Curley.

The lack of response form George enraged Curley further, his arms gradually bent at the elbow and his hands closed into a fist.

The patriotic flag stood tall on the boss’s desk while the of blend of fresh mahogany and polished oak was riding along the air of his office, originating from the arostment of riffles placed perfectly parallel to each other, within clear sight on anyone walking in the office.

The boss sat upright observing the ranch out of his windows through the sheer velvet curtains that rhythmically lightly brushed against the photo frames floating along the walls. The last few days, he had been subjected to nothing less than torment from Curley.

Many accusations had been made towards George and various rumours had began to circulate on events that lead to the death go Lennie. The boss, although admittedly had grown curious was had scheduled a meeting with George.The boss waited on his padded leather chair, his eyes fixed on the door.

The flat soles on George’s boots could be heard striding along the soft sand, dusk rose from the ground as his frustrated steps forged a path toward the boss’s office. The small amount of light the keyhole on the door allowed in, disappeared momentarily.

The door swung open violently revealing George’s slender figure, he took his step inside the office inviting the sand in from outside.

“Take off your shoes”, the boss whispered sternly ” never the bring the outside filth in, into my office. Understand? ”

George’s lips parted to protest but the army of rifles displayed cause him to decide otherwise, reluctantly nodding he removed his shoes.

” Excellent, take a seat” the boss commanded, leading their gaze towards the chair across from his desk.

George obliged, ” Curley said you wanted to see me.” George said, sinking into the chair.

” Tell me boy, how long d’ya know Lennie for?”

George found it difficult to hide the confusion on his face yet he was pleased to have an opportunity to speak of Lennie.

” Him and me was both born and grew up in Auburn. His aunt Clara took him when he was a baby and raised him up. I knowed her, when she died, Lennie just came along with me workin’. Got used to having him around after a while.”

” Must have been special to ya, travelled together, worked together, ate together· slept together”

George’s hands became entangled and his speech began to falter,” What’re you tryna say ?”

” Been hearing things about you from the girls at old Susy’s place. According to em, you got more interest in sleeping more than anything else.” The Boss said slowly, emphasising every word. ” Funny a cuckoo like him nd a smart little guy like you travelling together”

The boss titled his chair forward a little, “Must have been real easy to get to things, things normal men wouldn’t do with you”.

George’s fists began to clench and his now ruby face glistened with sweat, “Ask Candy or Crooks or Slim· nothin like that ever happened!” he said raising his voice slightly now on the end of the chair with his fists still clenched.

The boss frowned, “now look, I wasn’t insinuating that anything had happened. I was just· ” “· no you was just trying to involve yourself in something you aint gon’ understand. Aint no dam person on this ranch gon’ understand me and Lennie, what we had, what we meant to each other. He was mi-” George cut himself off releasing that he had said too much.

“Well ain this all your fault then!” George turned to see an aggravated Curley standing beside the door, he had entered the office unnoticed. There had been no exchange between George and Curley since the incident. ” If it wasn’t for you bringin’ that dam son-of-a-bitch to this ranch in the first place, I’d still have my wife an’ my god damn han’!”

Curley strode threateningly towards George, his heavy boots stomping down on the wooden floor, his rage clear. ” An’ you wouldn’t have had him around if you wasn’t sick in the head for him.”

Before giving the boss a chance to say anything, George lifted himself off the chair and pushed Curley to the wall in sudden anger, ” That dirty tramp you call a wife, She done it! That lousy tart always comin’ around to the bunkhouse, she got the eye for Lennie.”

A punch glanced George’s chin, the sudden blow left him in shock and before what happened could register, a second punch hit expelling the remainder of chocked air from his lungs.

“Was gonna offer you my spare glove but you aint gon’ need to keep your hand soft for no one now” Curley mocked.

George steadied himself, his eyes bulging with rage he glared at Curley. “You·little·” George took a lurching step forward with each word. On the third, he swung: “Bastard!”

Before George could answer Curley’s comment with a blow of his own, the boss grabbed his shirt, lifting him up in the air and throwing him to the floor. As hit the cold floor, fresh ripples of pain shot through his lower back, landing by to the display of riffles. Without thought, George George decided his next action.

The single deafening roar of a rifle pierced through the dusty dessert air of the ranch. Followed by another, George rose. He took one step forward. Then another. Nothing but silence from both men. He could see Lennie in their motionless bodies.

“Guys like us got no family. They make little stake an’ then they blow it. They aint got nobody in the world that gives a hoot in hell about em’·” His dark lashes brimmed heavy with tears; his hands clenched into shaking fists and a lone tear traced down his cheek.

But not us. Because I got you and you got me. We got each other and thats who give a hoot in hell about us.” He could almost see Lennie asking how its going to be, “We gonna get a little place. We’ll have a cow, and we’ll have some pigs and chickens. We’ll have some alfalfa the animals, and· and·” He took the gun in his hand. ” And the rabbits.

He placed the gun to his head. “Maybe we can do that when we’re together again, how we’re meant to be.” With those last words, George pulled the trigger. The last roar of the rifle silenced the singing birds, the bustle form the animals and the cheering of ranch members. Everything stood still. Time had stopped.

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