The Distance to Andromeda Essay

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The Distance to Andromeda

From the title itself obviously it’s about the star and universe. It talks about LIFE. Just like an Abstract there is no certain structure or specific size and it is also a journey in the Earth. That life has a beginning and end, every moment has a time limit. Life has so many things, persons, experiences and challenges that will offer us. Things to become our utensils to remember once personality. Person to be our idol, inspiration or maybe a love one. Experiences and challenges as a memory to cherish and to make us stronger to face everything. So, life is short, live life to the fullest. The story tells about a thirteen year old boy, who loves to watch movie about the universe, in the town of Tarlac. While watching in the wide screen he feels inspired and amused.

Two boys watched the survivors of the Earth, last men and women of this world ride a rocket to look for another place to live where water, air and other living creatures are present. As they travel they saw a brilliant water and a land that can be their new place to live in. And a typical family having a dinner, had a conversation about the future of a child and a realization of a thirteen year old boy who feels his been in darkness but his Father assures that his in a safe place. The theory that I am planning to use is FORMALISM because I think it is impecably fit to my story. In line with this theory, the idea and the writings about the story is fit. The happenings in the story has a connection on FORMALISM THEORY.

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