The disease of: Unununium Essay

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The disease of: Unununium

The bacterium called Unununium is a very rare but, serious disease; more and more people are getting this disease day after day. It is caused because people ate too much onions or something related to onions in one day. This disease may last for 1 or 2 years. There is no cure found yet. Scientists are trying their best to find the cure as soon as possible.

If you have the disease the symptoms may be: having bad breath, your hands smell like onions, people staying away from you, unusual behavior, headaches, sore throat, somehow taste of onions, unusual cravings for onions, illusions that people are onions, not eating things without onions, yelling out “Eat your onions” to people, listening to songs about onions, and only cooking things that contain a lot of onions or something related to onions.

So far doctors and scientist have only found those symptoms. This disease may be transmitted if you have done any of these actions: * Used another person’s toothbrush that ate onions and contained the disease * Somehow made contact with the person’s mouth that has Unununium * Ate the person’s food that has the disease Unununium * Shared a drink from the person that has Unununium * Shared food with the person with Unununium

To conclude, of you have any of the symptoms of the disease Unununium please contact a doctor immediately for your own good. Do Not take it as a joke when your doctor says that you have Unununium. If you know someone that is getting the symptoms of Unununium, please tell them to go to the doctor before the symptoms get worse. When you figure out that you have Unununium please, Do Not panic. If you panic the disease will get worse.

Get plenty of rest and follow the directions of what the doctor said. If someone asks you if they can borrow, eat, or drink something that you ate, drank, or used tell them no because you have Unununium. If you don’t want Unununium, read this article carefully and read the precautions the article says to take. To be safe from this horrible disease, stay away from people that have this disease. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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