The different stakeholders Essay

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The different stakeholders


In this task, I will be talking about the different stakeholders of the two organisations. I have chosen the two organisations are the Harris Academy Peckham and Tesco’s. I will introduce with this two organisations and explain what are their stockholders, listing the internal and external stakeholders and describing their stakeholders.

Harris Academy Peckham


Harris Academy Peckham is one of many Academies under the Harris federation. Harris Academy is a not-for-profit charity with almost twenty five years’ experience of primary, secondary and sixth form education in and around London. This charity was created by Lord Harris of Peckham. He and his family take an active interest in every Harris Academy, supporting the Academy financially and with their time.


Harris Academy Peckham is sponsored by Lord Harris. He wanted to give good education to children in London, and he want to give full education from primary to sixth form and he started GCSEs and A-Levels in Harris Academy Peckham but the Harris Academy Peckham is government funded and they appoints head teachers in school to take over and run properly and they are government bodies.


Harris Academy Peckham is a non-profit organisation. Harris Academy Peckham is funded by government because is a public sector and it’s kind of a charity. The Harris Academy Peckham get fund by the government for the student’s education and with the help of government the school run because school have to pay the wages of the teachers and others staff.


Harris Academy Peckham has enough employees to teach the students and the employees are very qualified and able to handle as many students. Harris Academy Peckham has employees their employees with good offering salary.


Harris Academy Peckham main customers are the person who’s leaving in the local area and the parents who’s in the local community. The Harris Academy Peckham is a secondary and sixth form school where the parents always were worrying about their children’s educations and them always looking for a better place where they can easily find a good school. Harris Academy Peckham has got lots a good community where the school have good number of students in the school.


Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer headquartered in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England, and United Kingdom. It is the third largest retailer in the world measured by profits and second-largest retailers in the world measured by revenues. Shareholders and founders

Jack Cohen founded Tesco’s in 1919 from a market stall in London’s East End. Over the year our business has grown and Tesco’s now operate in 12 countries around the world. An American Depositary Share (ADS) is a US dollar-denominated form of equity ownership in Tesco; it represents Ordinary Share on deposit in the United Kingdom (UK).


Piloting Supply from Chain Impact Assessments with suppliers in China, Thailand and the UK, allowing Tesco and its suppliers to better understand their impact on the lives of factory workers and communities associated with the supply chain so Tesco can replicate successes, helping to support better jobs and working conditions. The Tesco also have the UK suppliers such as from the farm and others supplies. Tesco also have their own farms and where they get some of the vegetables and other dairy product supplies.


The government affairs team so they can engage effectively on political developments and policy formulation in Westminster and the devolved assemblies. Government team also help to check policy changing and delaying with, and also in other financing information. The government get lots of tax, NI income for their employee and other taxes from the Tesco’s Employees

The Tesco operation in the UK is the largest in the group, and 310,000 employees. Tesco have various type of job for all kind of people and the Tesco employee part-time and full-time employees, and they have plenty of employees in their stores to help their customers.


Tesco have many stores in the UK. The Tesco have many customers and they have record for their customers by asking them to register and be a club member and with that help the Tesco have all information about the customers. The Tesco gives many discounts and offers to attract their customers and the customers also enjoy with the Tesco and customers have many choices to buy their groceries, home products and electronic products.

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