The Different Nursing Theories the Polished the Medical Field

There are many models and theories that have been conceived by the pioneers of nursing. These theories have been around since the 19th century in order to enhance the care provided by nurses all around the world. The first nurse and nursing theorist that improved the reputation of nursing was Florence Nightingale. Before Florence Nightingale, nursing was viewed as an improper and shameful profession. However, due to her hard work, benevolence, and charity, nursing transformed into an occupation that is highly respected until today.

Arising from the theories established by Nightingale, distinct nursing models and the nursing process have been conceived.

Today, these nursing models are still being widely used in modern medical facilities. For example, the nursing theory “Health Care Systems Model” developed by Betty Neuman called for the proper evaluation of all the variables that can affect a client’s responses to stress. Another theory labeled as “Behavioral Systems Model” by Dorothy Johnson allowed the nurse to further understand the patient according to their “whole” and not just their parts.

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As illustrated above, the distinctive aspects of nursing models truly consider the patient and their needs. Various nurses across the globe have utilized the nursing process as the routine approach in delivering precise nursing care.

The nursing process can be interpreted as one method in which nurses can accurately assess the nursing needs of the client. Furthermore, it is employed as a standard in preparing the relevant nursing interventions for a certain patient. The nursing process is ultimately a method in which a nurse can properly provide care and evaluate the effects of that care.

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Accurate nursing care can be a matter of life and death. To ensure the utmost safety and recovery of the client, various safety measures and strict discipline has been carved into the minds of nurses beginning from nursing school. That is the primary reason why there are so many theories, models, and procedures that have been developed just for the nursing profession. In the end, the precautions and training a nursing student undergoes is proven to be rewarding, influential, and advantageous for all parties involved.

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