The Difference Between Want and Need Essay

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The Difference Between Want and Need

You asked me to define the difference between want and need. And before I could write this essay to you, I had to think about the statement for a while. I had to look up the definition for both of the words want and need. Want technically means to wish for, or to desire. And need means to require, or a necessity, according to the Webster’s New World Dictionary. These two words might mean very different things, but yet they get mistaken for each other almost all the time. I could say that I need that new designer t-shirt that fits me perfectly, but we both know that I don’t need it. I want it. Being a teenager has me believing that I need materialistic things. All teenagers could say the same. I’m going to make a list for you of the things I need, and what I want. What I need:

• A roof over my head • Enough food and water to maintain my health • Blood, organs, skin, cells, bones, protein, ect.. What I want: • Fancy foods • Sports car • Name brands • Phone • A big house

And the list could go on and on. But hey, does that mean that we should only buy what we absolutely need? Not at all. Since life is meant to be lived, not survived. You can treat yourself to “wants” along the way to success, but only do so as long as you can afford it. And enjoy those “wants” for the EXTRAS that they are. “Wants” are things you without a doubt could live without. But needs, are a different story. Needs are essential, like water and food. Basically things that keep us alive. So here is my attempt to understand the difference between want and need. Thank you for trying to get me ready for life, appreciation is given. Since I’m a kid and I’m still yet to learn my lesson, guess I’ll have to learn the hard way. I hope you liked my writing.

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