The Diary of Anne Frank Essay

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The Diary of Anne Frank

The diary of Anne frank by: Frances Goodrich, Albert Hackett and The yellow star by: Jenifer Roy both depict Jewish girls struggling with the hatred, isolation, and segregation that is forced upon them by the greater conflict of Nazi Germany and World War II. Both struggles are arelife or deathstruggles for survival. As a result the conflicts in both stories are almost identical. Let’s look first at the three main conflicts, of the two stories.

The first and biggest conflict in Yellow star is (of course) the threat of Nazi Germany and Sylviabeingseparated from her family and thrown into a concentration campth This is the same in The diary of Anne Frank. Already, we are seeing the similarities of the two books. The second conflict, which is also a very prominent conflict in the Yellow star book, is the conflict of starvation. An example of this in Yellow star is when Silvia says “My family is weak and starving… ” (Roy 51).

This conflict (like the first conflict) also comes into play in The diary of Anne Frank, but it is much smaller and only poses a threat to them at some parts of the story, not throughout the whole story. Even when it poses a threat to Anne and her family it is not nearly as big of threat to them compared to Yellow star. This is an example of starvation in The diary of Anne Frank: “It’s been ages since I even saw a cake. ” (Goodrich, Hackett 412). You can see that they are so hungry that even the simplest of things that we might take for granted: such as aa cake, is a big deal to them, and just before that, Mrs. rank says: “you must have used all of your sugar ration for weeks. ” this emphasizes even more how they treat food because they are so hungry.

The third and final conflict in Yellow star is the threat of being put into trains for liquidation (being forced to leave the ghetto and go to concentration camps), and the hardships of trying to stay off of these trains. An example of where you can see this is when Dora is talking about it: “They are emptying out the ghetto,” (Roy 109) and she goes on to say: “The Nazis. They are packing everyone they can find into trains and sending hem away”.

You can hear the distaste, bitterness, anger, and fear in her voice as well as hopelessness, it is a very emotional and hard time. But in The diary of Anne Frank they don’t have the threat of liquidation because they are not living in a ghetto; they are hiding in the Annex. they don’t have the threat of liquidation, but they have another kind of threat, the conflict of being forced to stay quiet all the time in order to hide their presenceand the internal conflict how to control herselfand of whether to actually stay quiet or not and complications that come with it.

An example of this is when Anne says: “Am I allowed to talk now? ” (GoodrichHackett 387). Anne has a lot of trouble trying to be quiet all the time and has occasional outbursts when she can’t handle it (being quiet all the time). YoTherefore you can seethatthe conflicts of the play and the book are almost identical because 2 of the 3 major conflicts in these two stories are the same (the prosecution and operation of the Nazis, and starvation) and this is obviously to be expected since they were written about the same thing. They both are Pwerful portrayals of the horrors of the holocaust.

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