The DHCP server Essay

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The DHCP server

For this network, I initially projected that one server would be sufficient to perform all the tasks, however, in order to make the network work more efficiently and reduce occasions for system downtime it would be more conducive to use multiple servers. I recommend that we use 3 servers. The main server would be the DHCP server. The second would be the email server, and the third for file sharing and printing.

The DHCP server would have the responsibility of assigning IP addresses to the client computers and other devices that are enabled as DHCP clients. This will eliminate the need to manually assign IP addresses to all users and devices on the network. This main server will also serve as storage for Active Directory and user account management. The email server will serve as a storage facility for emails, a database of user email accounts, and will transfer messages from other mail servers and email clients. This functionality will be very important for communication between management and employees. The third server will provide storage management and allows users to share data from a single location and allow all users to print to a centralized network printer.

The DHCP server can be configured with Active Directory Explorer and DHCP Server for Windows. We can also include Internet Printing Client and Storage Manager for SANs to the file sharing and printing server. The email server can also be configured with the SMTP Server tool.

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