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The Development Of Windows A Gui Computer Science Essay

The Microsoft operating system has seen many alterations from past three decennaries. From Microsofts phonograph record runing system introduced in 1981 to windows 8 introduced in 2012, Microsoft runing system got changed wholly. What began as a difficult to utilize and understand text merely runing system with MS-DOS, it excogitate into a complete graphical user-friendly interface ( GUI ) with windows 8. With the alterations in computing machine hardware, package linking to the user excessively needed to be changed. Microsoft ‘s runing systems have excogitate and changed greatly with the patterned advance of computing machine systems.

Windows 1.0:

In 1983 Microsoft annunciate the development of Windows, a GUI for MS-DOS for IBM PC and appropriate computing machines since 1981. In 1985, after 4 old ages, Microsoft released Windowss 1.0. Microsoft Windows 1.0A is aA 16-bit graphicalA runing environment, developed byA Microsoft CorporationA and released on November 20, 1985.A It was Microsoft ‘s first effort to implement aA multi-taskingA graphical user interface-based operating environment on theA PCA platform that runs on MS-DOS. Windows 1.0 was the first version ofA WindowsA launched.

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Windows 1.0 was the first commercially available GUI ( Graphical user Interface ) runing system from Microsoft Corporation founded by Bill Gates.


When Microsoft introduced MS-DOS in 1981, many of the user ‘s did n’t happen it a user friendly merchandise. It was hard to utilize since it was text based operating system. Bill gates saw the popularity of Apple ‘s Lisa and Macintosh or MAC computing machines which uses GUI interface and was more user friendly so in 1983 Microsoft announced their following coevals runing system which will supply a GUI and a multi tasking environment for IBM computing machines.

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a ) It was a graphical version of MS-DOS

B ) 16-bit Operating System that cost less than 1MB in overall

degree Celsius ) It allowed multi-tasking

vitamin D ) It had assorted applications such as Calculator, Notepad, Calendar, Clipboard spectator, Clock, Control Panel, Paint and Write.

vitamin E ) Applications were supposed to manage memory merely via Windows memory direction system, which actualize a software-basedA practical memoryA strategy leting for applications larger than available RAM.


System demands for Windows 1.0 included:

a ) Hercules/CGA/EGA ( listed as “ monochrome or colour proctor ” )

B ) Windows 1.0 requires MS-DOS 3.1 because it ‘s a ‘front-end ‘ DOS so it requires DOS environment to run.

degree Celsius ) It requires 384 KB RAM, 512 KB recommended

vitamin D ) It requires a difficult thrust or two dual sided disc thrusts


a ) It requires MS-Dos to run its operations

B ) It offered limited multi-tasking

degree Celsius ) It had highly limited in writing support, sometimes MS-DOS applications requires to travel to the bare hardware or BIOS to acquire the work done

vitamin D ) It does non let overlapping Windowss

vitamin E ) It was slow to utilize

Windows 2.0:

Microsoft developed Windows 1.0 to give competition to Apple ‘s Lisa computing machine and Macintosh but it failed to make that, so Microsoft came up with an improved operating system in 1987 which proved somewhat more popular than its predecessor i.e. Windows 1.0. The new operating system made Windowss based computing machines represent more like a Mac. It had icons to typify plans and files, better support for expandable-memory hardware and windows that could overlap.


System demands for Windows 2.0 included:

a ) MS-DOS version 3.0

B ) 512 KB of memory or greater

degree Celsius ) Graphic adapter card

vitamin D ) It requires a difficult disc or a two two-base hit sided disc thrusts


Windows 2.0 had assorted characteristics to better their old operating system windows 1.0:

a ) It had a characteristic of overlapping Windowss alternatively of Windowss 1.0 tiled Windowss.

B ) It had LIM version 4.0 expanded memory support

degree Celsius ) It made inter-application communicating capablenesss possible through Dynamic Data Exchange ( DDE ) support

vitamin D ) It included revised.FON format for screen founts

vitamin E ) It included NEWFON.EXE to alter 1.x font format to 2.x founts format

degree Fahrenheit ) It had a Mouse Acceleration option added to Control Panel

g ) Windows 2.0 included VGA artworks ( although 16 colourss merely )

H ) With the debut to its run-time version with new graphical applications, MS-Word and MS-Excel

I ) It included Intel 286/386 processor for better velocity.

Windows 2.0 had two ascents to 2.1 and 2.11 which were released on 1988 and 1989, both the ascents included assorted characteristics which includes:

a ) Windows 2.1 supported 65 more pressmans than version 2.03, conveying the entire about to 127

B ) Windows 2.1 provided support for extra computing machines

degree Celsius ) Windows 2.1 provided support for extra devices

vitamin D ) Windows 2.11 supported Apple Talk

vitamin E ) Windows 2.11 gave faster printing options and updated pressman drivers


a ) Windows 2.0 user interface was still better than Mac

B ) Improvement was needed in Windowss icon and applications

Windows 3.0:

Microsoft Corporation seeking their best to vie with Apple ‘s Mac came up with another improved version of Windowss runing system, Windows 3.0. In 1990, Microsoft made their 3rd major release with Windows 3.0 which offered better achievement, advanced artworks with 16 colourss & A ; support of Intel 386 processor. It was the first successful version of Windowss runing system.

System demands:

a ) 8086/8088A processor or better

B ) 384K of free conventional memory ( the merely window which can run in three different manners which were: existent manner, protected manners require more )

degree Celsiuss ) Hard disc with 6-7MB of free infinite

vitamin D ) CGA/EGA/VGA/Hercules/8514/AA artworks and an appropriate and compatible proctor

vitamin E ) MS-DOSA version 3.1 or higher

degree Fahrenheit ) Microsoft compatible mouse was recommended


a ) It had significantly revived user interface with proficient betterments for the better usage of memory direction with Intel 80286 and 80386 processors.

B ) The MS-DOS Executive file director was changed with icon based plan director and list base file director.

degree Celsius ) Windows 3.0 includes protected/enhanced manner which allowed applications to utilize more memory

vitamin D ) It was faster than any old Windowss version

In 1991, Microsoft released Windows 3.0 with multimedia extension for which system demands were:

a ) 2 Ms RAM

B ) It requires CD-ROM with audio end product support

degree Celsius ) It requires 30 Megabytes of difficult thrust

vitamin D ) It was compatible with 80386 sx or dx IBM

With new Windows 3.0 with multimedia extension Microsoft made several alterations in old Windows 3.0, these characteristics included:

a ) It was merely available in OEM hardware

B ) To link with specific MPC hardware new drivers were included

degree Celsiuss ) With debut to media extension, Media Control Interface was included

vitamin D ) Control panel was more enhanced, which now includes screen rescuers, control stick control, event based sound control, driver installer, picture driver icon and MIDI function control

vitamin E ) It introduced assorted accoutrements which includes MPC dismay clock, sound recording equipment, media participant

Windows 95:

In the epoch of fax/modems, electronic mails, bright multimedia games, the new on-line universe and educational package, Microsoft wanted such an operating system with which user can do usage of each and every installations available to them.

System demands:

a ) Intel 80386 DX CPU of any velocity was needed to run Windows 95

B ) lower limit of 4Mb of RAM was required

degree Celsiuss ) Hard disc infinite of 50-55 MB was required

vitamin D ) Windows 95 can back up soap of 480 MB of RAM

vitamin E ) It did non required MS-DOS to be installed beforehand

80 % of computing machines of those clip were running on old Windowss versions or MS-DOSs and

Windowss 95 can easy be upgraded from them and upgraded versions were available both in floppy discs and CD-ROM formats


a ) It is really user friendly

B ) It included TCP/IP stack study

degree Celsius ) It included Dial up networking

vitamin D ) It supported long file name support

vitamin E ) It features new stopper and drama capablenesss which makes easy to put in hardware and package

degree Fahrenheit ) It was a 32-bit operating system which offers better multimedia capablenesss and more powerful characteristics for nomadic calculating

g ) provides better file and print support with faster printing and disk/file entree

H ) It was faster and supply better system stableness


a ) With File and pressman sharing there is a security hole for NetWare webs which affected informations security for users

B ) It uses easy cracked 32-bit key to hive away watchwords in PWL file

degree Celsius ) In comparison to Windows NT and OS/2 warp system protection is considered weak against roadster applications

vitamin D ) On most booklets except Control panel, Dial-up networking booklets or pressmans item dragging and dropping plants

Windows 98:

Windows 98 is a graphical operating system by Microsoft which was based on ms-dos meat. It was developed as an upgraded version of Windows 95. It is a intercrossed 16/32 spot merchandise which was based on ms-dos boot page.

Hardware demands:

a ) It needs a processor of 486DX2/66 MHz or higher and Pentium processor was recommended

B ) It needs lower limit of 16 MB of RAM and 24 MB was recommended

degree Celsius ) It needs lower limit of 500 MB of Hard disc infinite

vitamin D ) It needs a VGA proctor or a higher solution proctor

vitamin E ) Compact disc read-only memory or DVD-ROM

degree Fahrenheit ) Microsoft mouse or other compatible indicating device


a ) It had an ability to exchange between Windowss manners and Department of State manner which gave full support to make applications

B ) It was compatible with old personal computer ‘s excessively

degree Celsius ) It features internet adventurer which makes shoping easier than Windowss 95

vitamin D ) It was more dependable, efficient and easier to utilize

vitamin E ) It includes Power Management characteristics which allows desktops to hole up

degree Fahrenheit ) It supported digital sound sound and DVD reader for films and better stereo

g ) It provided better stopper and drama characteristics

H ) It provided first-class driver support and includes many service battalions which were non at that place in Windowss 95

I ) It has many system tools which includes scan disc, disc defragmentation, scanreg and msconfig among others

K ) It supported new input devices like USB

cubic decimeter ) It has a speedy launch saloon so that files can be browsed easy and rapidly

m ) It shows betterment in quicker shut down, ability to open and shut plans more rapidly

Windows 98 Seleniums:

Microsoft released an improved version of Windowss 98 with minor alterations. These characteristics were:

a ) It provides improved modem support and WDM sound

B ) Improved USB support

degree Celsius ) Internet Explorer 4.0 was replaced with Internet Explorer 5.0

vitamin D ) Microsoft DirectX API 6.1 for better support for Windows Multimedia

vitamin E ) It offers place networking capablenesss through ICS ( Internet connexion sharing )


a ) USB support and stopper and play support was non that good in Windows 98

B ) Windows 98 can non manage more than 1.0 GB of RAM

degree Celsius ) Windows 98 and Windows 98 SE can non manage Hard disc of more than 137 GB in size with default drivers

Windows XP:

Windows XP was an operating system released by Microsoft to provide the users of personal computing machines including concern and place desktops, laptops and media centres. It was foremost runing system which was consumer oriented and it was built on the Windows NT Kernel. These NT based operating system are more stable and efficient.

Hardware Requirements:

System Requirements for Windows XP Home Edition:




233 MHz processor

Atleast 300 MHz processor


64 MB of RAM

Atleast 128 MB

HDD free infinite

1.5 GB or higher, for Service Pack 1 and 1a 661 MB of extra infinite, for Service Pack 2 1.8 GB extra infinite and for Service Pack 3 900 MB of extra infinite

Video adapter and proctor

Super VGA with 800 tens 600 pels or higher declaration is recommended

Input devices

Keyboard, Mouse or Microsoft compatible pointing device


Speakers or earphones and soundcard

System Requirements for Windows XP Professional


It needs x86-64 processor


256 MB of minimal RAM is required

HDD free infinite

1.5 GB of free infinite is required

Video Adaptor and Monitor

Super VGA with a 800 ten 600 pels or higher declaration

Input devices

Keyboard, Mouse or a Microsoft compatible pointing device

Optical Drive

CD-ROM thrust is required to put in


It requires Headphone or talkers and a soundcard


Sound Card Drivers, wired LAN card, GPU of picture card

System demands for Windows XP Professional:

System demands for Windows XP 64-bit edition:

System Requirements for Windows XP 64-bit edition


It needs Intel Itanium 733 MHz processor while Intel Itanium 800 MHz or better is recommended


1 GB of minimal RAM is required

HDD free infinite

6 GB of free infinite is required

Video Adaptor and Monitor

Super VGA with a 800 ten 600 pels or higher declaration

Input devices

Keyboard, Mouse or a Microsoft compatible pointing device

Optical Drive

CD-ROM thrust is required to put in


It requires Headphone or talkers and a soundcard


Sound Card Drivers, wired LAN card, GPU of picture card

Processor Limits:

Windows XP besides has certain processor bounds. In Windowss XP maximal no of logical processor used are 32 for 32-bit and 64 for 64-bit. The maximal bound for physical processor for Professional is 2 and for Home Edition is 1.

Depending on 32-bit or 64-bit versions, there is a maximal physical memory ( RAM ) bound to which Windows Vista can be address:

Windows XP Physical Memory bounds ( RAM )


Limit in 32-bit Windows

Limit in 64-bit Windows

Windows XP Home Edition

4 GB


Windows XP Professional

128 GB

Windows XP Media Centre Edition


Windows XP Tablet PC Edition


Windows XP Starter Edition

512 MB



Windows XP has an updated undertaking based GUI in which start bill of fare and taskbar was updated with ocular effects.

In Windows XP Professional:

Windows XP Professional was built on strong foundation of Windows 2000. Windows XP Professional provided enhanced dependability, security and public presentation. It included many characteristics for advanced place computer science and concern which includes coding file system, remote desktop support, advanced networking characteristics and system restore. The most of import characteristics included in Windows XP professional were Windows Messenger, 802.1x networking support and Remote aid.

In Windows XP Home Edition:

Microsoft released Windows XP place edition for place users. It provided with the characteristics of better Network Wizard, Windows Movie Maker, Windows Media Player and better digital exposure capablenesss.

In Windows XP 64-bit edition:

It was the first 64-bit Windowss designed for proficient individuals or specialized users who require big sum of memory and drifting point public presentation in countries such as 3D life, technology, film particular effects and scientific applications.

In Windows XP Media Centre Edition:

It was designed for place computer science and amusement. It included all the characteristics of Windows Professional and adding on characteristics such as merriment digital media and amusement options. Watch unrecorded telecastings, communicate with friends and household, Watch DVD ‘s, work from place and enjoy digital music and picture aggregations.


a ) It was extremely criticized for its security issues. It was excessively sensitive to malwares such as virus, Trojan Equus caballuss and worms

B ) It was non compatible with many DOS plans

degree Celsius ) It did non provided any file coding installation in XP place edition

vitamin D ) It has no built-in chipset drivers

vitamin E ) It was unstable and was prone to many clangs

Windows Vista:

Microsoft ‘s Windowss XP was criticized for the province of security, so the president of Microsoft Mr. Bill Gates primary aim was to do such an operating system which will better the province of security. Windows view was for usage on personal computing machines, laptops, tablet Personal computers and media centre Personal computers.

Hardware demands:

System demands for utilizing Windowss view are:

a ) Processor of 800MHz was needed for Vista Capable and 1Ghz for Vista Premium Ready

B ) 512 MB lower limit of RAM was needed for Vista Capable and lower limit of 1 GB for Vista Premium Ready

degree Celsius ) DirectX 9,0 capable in writing processor was needed for Vista Capable and DirectX 9.0 with WDDM 1.0 driver support was needed for Vista Premium Ready

vitamin D ) Minimum of 64 MB of in writing memory was needed for Vista Capable and 128 MB in writing memory for Vista Premium Ready

vitamin E ) 40 GB of minimal HDD was required for Vista Capable and 80 GB for Vista Premium Ready

degree Fahrenheit ) 15 GB of free infinite was needed for both Vista Capable and Vista Premium Ready

g ) Windows Vista can merely be installed from DVD-ROM media so DVD-ROM optical thrust was required

Depending on 32-bit or 64-bit versions, there is a maximal physical memory ( RAM ) bound to which Windows Vista can be address:

Windows Vista Physical Memory bounds ( RAM )


Limit in 32-bit Windows

Limit in 64-bit Windows

Windows Vista Enterprise

4 GB

128 GB

Windows Vista Ultimate

Windows Vista Professional

Windows Vista Home Basic

8 GB

Windows Vista Home Premium

16 GB

Windows Vista Starter

1 GB


Windows Vista besides has certain processor bounds. In Windowss Vista maximal no of logical processor used are 32 for 32-bit and 64 for 64-bit. The maximal bound for physical processor for Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise is 2 and Starter, Home Premium and Home Basic is 1.


a ) Windows Vista uses a new graphical user interface which was named as Windows Aero. In which Aero stands for Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open. Windows Vista user interface attracted with characteristics as new transparences, live thumbnails, lifes and unrecorded icons.

B ) Windows provided scope of organisation, hunt capablenesss and pilotage with Windows Shell

degree Celsiuss ) With Windows Search, Windows Vista provides instant hunt consequences

vitamin D ) Vista features parental control options which allow user to decision makers to supervise and curtail user activity

vitamin E ) With Vista file sharing and syncing was made easy

degree Fahrenheit ) Vista gives us better notebook support with Windowss mobility Centre which keeps all tools including wireless adapter off or on, alter your battery scenes and many others in a individual location

g ) Vista provides us with better radio networking

H ) Vista gives us better security options with Windows Defender

I ) Vista features sidebar where one can put all their desktop appliances

J ) Vista besides features Windows DVD shaper, Windows Photo Gallery, Windows Media Centre, Windows Mail, Windows Calendar and others


Vista was the topic of unfavorable judgment because of privateness, public presentation, security, merchandise activation and driver support. Restrictions in Vista include:

a ) Hardware demands were excessively high for view and some of the premium characteristics of it which made hard for many to upgrade

B ) For security grounds, merely signed drivers can be installed in meat manner in Vista which was non possible for little developers and was expensive or out of range

degree Celsius ) Vista with its new characteristics drained battery life really rapidly

vitamin D ) Early on bead in games frame rate was seen in compared to Windows XP

vitamin E ) System public presentation was slow in compared to old runing systems

degree Fahrenheit ) File operation public presentation was slow in comparison to old operating system

Windows 7:

Windows 7 is an operating system developed by Microsoft for laptops, personal computing machines including concern and place desktops, tablet personal computer ‘s, notebooks and media centre personal computer ‘s. Windows 7 was built to provide the demands of radio universe which made its being in late 2000 ‘s. By the clip Windows 7 was released, laptops overtook desktops and it was common to link and utilize public radio hot spots in private webs in place or java store.

Windows 7 included new methods to work with Windowss which were- Snap, Shake and Peek. These methods improved functionality of Windowss and even made interface easy and merriment to utilize. With Windows 7 Microsoft made the starting of Windows touch, which made touch screen users to shop and make work more easy, better and merriment.

System demands:

Windows 7 was released in two versions which were 32-bit and 64-bit. The lower limit hardware demands for Windowss 7 are:

a ) To utilize Windowss 7 in 32-bit, 1GHz IA-32 processor was needed while for 64-bit, 1Ghz X-86-64 processor

B ) For 32-bit version lower limit 1GB RAM was required and for 64-bit it was 2GB

degree Celsius ) DirectX 9 in writing processor with WDDM model 1.0 was needed for in writing cards

vitamin D ) In 32-bit version 16 GB free difficult disc thrust infinite is required and for 64-bit it is 20 GB HDD

vitamin E ) Windows 7 can merely be installed from DVD-ROM media so DVD-ROM thrust was required

Windows 7 Physical Memory bounds ( RAM )


Limit in 32-bit Windows

Limit in 64-bit Windows

Windows 7 Enterprise

4 GB

192 GB

Windows 7 Ultimate

Windows 7 Professional

Windows 7 Home Basic

8 GB

Windows 7 Home Premium

16 GB

Windows 7 Starter

2 GB


Depending on 32-bit or 64-bit versions, there is a maximal physical memory ( RAM ) bound to which Windows 7 can turn to.

Windows 7 besides has certain processor bounds. In Windowss 7 maximal no of logical processor used are 32 for 32-bit and 256 for 64-bit. The maximal bound for physical processor for Ultimate, Professional and Enterprise is 2 and Starter, Home Premium and Home Basic is 1.


a ) It is faster than any other version of Windowss runing system

B ) It is to the full compatible with XP SP3 and Vista SP2

degree Celsius ) It provided distant desktop connexion provided along with the operating system

vitamin D ) It used Internet Explorer ( IE ) 8 which was good and faster

vitamin E ) It provided support for practical difficult disc

degree Fahrenheit ) It gives us improved public presentation on multi-core processor and betterment in boot public presentation

g ) In windows 7 control panel many new characteristics were added which include: Appliances, problem shot, ClearType Text Tuner, Recovery, locations and other detectors, System Icons

H ) Windows Security Centre was renamed to Action Centre which gives security and care both to the computing machines

I ) Windows 7 allow us to fire ISO file images to a DVD without any 3rd party package through its Native ISO Burner

J ) It has improved touch pilotage. This characteristic makes it easy to voyage with our fingers

K ) Windows 7 has a little prevue participant one can preview their music files really easy

cubic decimeter ) Windows 7 has a new magnifier tool

m ) Windows 7 gives us a better option of previewing each file or booklet which is unfastened with Win+T to scroll all the prevues in the undertaking saloon

N ) Windows 7 besides have a characteristic of seting with multiple shows easy and rapidly with Win+P

O ) Windows 7 provides easier place networking which was non available before which makes it safe from hackers


a ) It can non be easy upgraded from Windows XP

B ) User Account Control default ‘s scene in Windows 7 allows untrusted package to establish without any prompt

degree Celsius ) Features included in Vista as Start bill of fare interface, InkBall, Windows Ultimate Extras, Windows calendar were removed from Windowss 7

vitamin D ) Drawback of Windowss 7 hardware constellation is that Windows 7 demands RAM of atleast 1 GB

vitamin E ) There were assorted old package ‘s which were still in being but were non supported by Windowss 7 operating system

degree Fahrenheit ) Many users faced the jobs of BSOD with Windowss 7

Windows 8:

Using runing system is no more limited to laptops and desktops, now an operating system is used in personal computing machines both place and concern desktops, laptops, place theatre personal computer ‘s and tablets and with the turning popularity of apple ‘s IOS and humanoid, Microsoft introduced Windowss 8 which makes an aggressive, bold statement and frontward believing for the hereafter of personal computer ‘s. It marks the biggest alteration in Windows runing system since the launch of Windows 95.

System demands:

Windows 8 was non merely made for personal computer and laptops it caters the demand of Mobiles and tablets excessively, so it had different hardware demands for personal computer ‘s and Mobiles or tablets.

Windows 8 hardware demands are:

a ) In footings of processor lower limit hardware demands for utilizing Windows 8 are:

1Ghz clock rate, IA-32 or x64 architecture and support for PAE, NX and SSE2

whereas, the recommended demand in footings of processor are:

X64 and support for Second degree Address Translation ( SLAT )

B ) The minimal memory ( RAM ) required for utilizing Windows 8 for IA-32 edition is 1 GB and X64 edition is 2GB while recommended is 4GB

degree Celsius ) Minimum demands for use of in writing card are DirectX 9 artworks device or WDDM 1.0 or higher device while recommended scenes are DirectX 10 artworks device

vitamin D ) Windows 8 requires a screen declaration of 1024 X 768 pels for Windowss shop apps, whereas 1366X768 pels screen declaration or higher is recommended

vitamin E ) Hard disc infinite needed for Windows IA-32 edition is 16 GB and for x64 edition is 20 Sarin

degree Fahrenheit ) It is besides recommended that system should hold UEFI v2.3.1 Errata B in its database with Microsoft Windows Certification Authority, USB 3.0 port, Trusted platform faculty ( TPM ) and internet connectivity.

Hardware demands for Windowss tablets are:

a ) It needs artworks device Direct10 x along WDDM 1.2 or higher driver for in writing card

B ) After the out of box experience completes, it needs 10 GB of free infinite

degree Celsius ) The device should hold standard buttons such as volume-up, volume-down, power, windows cardinal and rotary motion lock

vitamin D ) The device should hold a touch screen support with at least 5- point digitisers and minimal screen declaration of 1366X768 and native colour deepness of 32-bits.

vitamin E ) The device should hold a Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support to link

degree Fahrenheit ) Device should hold a USB 2.0 port with one connection and one exposed port


a ) Windows 8 is the first edition of Windowss runing system that will run on both ARM-based tablets and x86 based on ARM processor signifier AMD and Intel

B ) Windows 8 characteristics wholly new user experience, It has a new animation-enabled user interface ( UI ) which is touch centric and tiled base

degree Celsius ) It features snap multi-tasking with which it is easy to run two Windowss app side by side.

vitamin D ) Windows 8 has a redesigned control panel which features new options like Personalize, Wireless, Users, Notifications, Search, General, Share and privateness

vitamin E ) Windows 8 has a built in Internet adventurer ( IE ) 10 browser which is designed for faster shoping via greater hardware acceleration, with gesture-based rapid climb, Web site pilotage and pan

degree Fahrenheit ) It contains two touch keyboards, one is better traditional keyboard plus a new pollex keyboard, by making this Microsoft made attempt to do typing on practical keyboard faster and more accurate

g ) Windows 8 brings increased support for multiple keyboards

H ) Windows 8 has a native USB 3.0 port which speeds up 10 times faster than USB 2.0 port

I ) Windows 8 provides better transcript experience with which one can execute all current transcript operations in a individual box

J ) It offers easier recovery from system jobs

K ) It provides better integrating with cloud i.e. Microsoft ‘s cloud services as SkyDrive and Windows live mesh

cubic decimeter ) Windows 8 besides has a built in PDF reader which is called Modern Reader

m ) There is a immense betterment in Windows 8 security characteristics which is done by replacing Microsoft Windowss indispensable by Windows Defender. Windows guardian tallies in background and notifies us whenever an action is required. It besides features Windows smart screen which protects from phishing cozenages and malware which are non detected by the antivirus.


a ) It ‘s hard for person to acquire usage to new layout

B ) It ‘s a spot hard to travel between the screens

degree Celsius ) There is no option for altering tiles into icons

vitamin D ) The chief disadvantage is when we work on which system reboots many times

vitamin E ) Some programmes such as hardware drivers and some games are non compatible with it

degree Fahrenheit ) Busying the full face of the proctor, apps work in full proctor

After Windows 8:

With the great measure of Windowss 8, Microsoft has made clear that they are aiming Mobile or tablet market. It can be said that Microsoft will be establishing an enhanced version of Windows 8 which will have more advanced user interface which will do utilizing tablets easier and coders can easy compose apps for Windowss with it.

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