The Development Of Science And Technology

The earliest tourism was founded by Babylonian (Sumerians) (4000 B.C.) and the development of trade and money was invented in 4000 B.C., so as to facilitate trading activities marked the beginning of the era of travel which could be credited as founders of travel business. After years of development and transformation, travel gradually becomes popular . The 21st century demonstrates a change in the way of travelling. Technological innovation has changed the tourist landscape and promises to go much further. The possibilities offered by connectivity, augmented reality, robots and artificial intelligence will dominate the hotel sector in ten years and different kinds of emerging innovative technology are being progressing in this few years and those new techs will change the trends of Tourism.

In this report, I will mainly discuss and predict the influence on the aspect of Technology of Tourism in the last two decades and next two decades. And it would properly covered some of the aspects of Societal Changes and Destination Development in the process.

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To commence with, according to the Tourism Highlights conducted by UNWTO in 2008 and 2018. In the last decade, the modes of transportation in tourism are mainly by air, road, water and rail. By air and road have obviously increased in this ten years.

Based on the original European and American broad continent, it was very time-consuming and inconvenient to go from one location to another. Therefore, the demand for owning vehicle has been increasing, which was conducive to the development of the automobile manufacturing industry.

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It also leaded to the development of “self-driving tour”, which is convenient for daily life. In addition to life needs, it is also avoided to take on a crowd bus with others. At the same time ,some big countries like U.S. has a concept of “sharing enconmy” and “time sharing” which aims at linking passengers and drivers with the development of mobile applications, providing shared economy services for passenger car rental and real-time sharing, but it involves legal issue in some places. Now in Asia, self- driving is common,like Japan ,Australia and Tai Wan, even though people do not have any car licenses , they just need to rent a car and employ a qualified local driver,then go on their own self-driving tours.

As those the new reports, in 2015, Elon Musk predicted that Tesla will launch a fully-automobile car in 2018, as does Google. Delphi and MobileEye plan to launch a fourth system in 2019, and Nutonomy plans to deploy thousands of unmanned taxis on the streets of Singapore in the same year. On the surface, it seems that the fully-automobile car is close at hand. Waymo has begun testing cars on specific public roads in Arizona. Tesla and other emulators have also begun to sell autonomous cars with limited functions, but if there is an accident, they still need to rely on the driver to intervene. Some of the recent accidents are fatal on the news, but as long as the system continues to improve, logically, we are not too far away from self-driving vehicles without human intervention. Decades before Google, Tesla and Uber got into the self-driving car business, a team of German engineers led by a scientist named Ernst Dickmanns , a German scientist who tested self-driving cars on European streets in the 1980s and 1990s and he had developed a car that could navigate French commuter traffic on its own. By this point, he had already started mulling what would soon become his life mission: teaching vehicles how to see.

Personally, I just partially agreed to this brainstorming concept and idea as this kind of new tech , artificial intellectual (A.I.) auto driving system, is just an object that still in the research and development stage and not mature enough, learn like human being. Even though , it started testing which not mean success while we can always heard that the A.I. auto driving system turned down or crashed on the road and cause accidents on the news. This represents that AI auto driving system not yet suitable for launsh and more research is needed to support it. However, it is pleased to let us withness the development of science and technology can make human life better.

Due to the development of globalization, people’s demand for tourism continues to grow. However, due to time and space restrictions, fees and physical strength, many people’s desire for tourism cannot be met. It is believe that at the current level of technology, we can consider about the augmenting. The Augmented Reality approach allows visitors to add contextual information or integrate the concept of ‘online travel’ through multimedia systems and related technologies to enable remote users to experience an immersive experience. The so-called ‘online travel’ means that the online travel system has become a distant eye, so that users can witness or experience the current situation. Take the Museum aan de Stroom in Antwerp, Belgium, for example. At the opening of 2011, the ‘Phygital Tour’ personalized personal online travel experience service was launched, which was combined with digital technology by the entity tour. Foreign visitors can visit the museum through the network under the guidance and instructions of the tour guides, which has attracted nearly 5,000 visitor rate in three weeks.

At present, free wi-fi is available in many places around the world to attract more people to visit. At the same time, it also provides an opportunity for businesses to combine technology with reality. Most of the exhibitions now offer a QR code, scan code to read and listen so as to save more manpower. On the surface, scanning a QR code is a way and channel for the viewer to obtain more information. In fact, the dimension code does not only provide additional information about the work, but also is part of the work. At the same time, it provides a dynamic platform for creators to communicate and interact with visitors. It is not just limited to the past, a display and a description on the display board.

The QR code brings too much convenience to the lives of modern Chinese people, such as shopping, catering and consumption, or even the same, in order to save a lot of cash. However, the QR code, also known as QR Code, was developed by Japan Denso in 1994. Its English is an abbreviation of ‘Quick Response’, which means quick response, and the developer hopes that the QR code can be quickly decoded. Just like the supermarket ,buying goods and payment, in the close range, the price of the goods is scanned, and the network can not be scanned at a long distance. Japanese art and technology are at the forefront of the times, Japanese arts are developing well, and various special art exhibitions are often exhibited in Japan. An art gallery in Tokyo launched the QR Code exhibition in early 2018, which can be presented as long as a small space is rented. More than imaginative content, disguised provincial rent. As well as you scan the QR Code, then will see videos ranging from 1 to 30 minutes.

Since the emergence of Teamlab in Japan, a concept art museum which conmbined art and technology that visitor can experience themselves through different kind of art format . The pavilion also caters to the needs of the family and has a large number of exhibits for children, allowing viewers of all ages to enjoy digital art in an interactive way. People have gradually gained a new understanding of digital art museums. It turns out that the way to experience art can be so diverse. Nowadays, Paris, France has also opened a digital art gallery, using computers, media, animation and other means to bring unexpected surprises to visitors. Such as Hong Kong Light Festival 2018 and Macau Light Festival 2018.

Modern societies structured through the Internet have many ways to gain new knowledge, and art can no longer only enter art galleries and museums. Compared to traditional museums, the digital art contacts are younger and more attractive. With the development of science and technology, there will be more and more digital art galleries with new ideas. I hope that such art galleries can bring different artistic inspiration to the viewers.

As the contemporary technology advances, people’s lives become more and more convenient. The prosperity of the Internet is now unimaginable and unrestrained. In the foreseeable future, it is properly and certain that ‘space tourism’ will also set off new tourism spaces and models in the tourism industry.In the future, what progress will our technology make? How will people’s lives change? How will the trends of hotel sector and tourism will be dominated and leaded? Who knows?

In a nutshell, every coins has two sides, something inappropriately done and it could be a sword.

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