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The development of an individual Essay

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Income, money is always a problem when there’s not enough of it, Money will always have an impact on people’s lives, In the UK there are millions of people still living in poverty, even with all the benefit schemes in place. Physically: Adults with a low with a low income may be slightly more overweight than someone with a higher income due to the fact that they cannot spend money on gyms, healthy foods and so on, if they have children they’re most likely to follow the same way. It’s been proven that those who live in poorer areas don’t live as long. Intellectually: With the education today (mainly universities) prices are increasing largely.

Those who are the lower class won’t benefit as much as those whom are in the higher class. This includes both teenagers and adults. Emotionally: Not bringing in a lot of money can affect you seriously; it can make you depressed, worried, sad, it may also make you lose motivation instead of gaining it. Being an adult you have larger responsibilities than a teenager, Adults with a family have to support each person within that family and with a low income this can become impossible. Socially: Younger people will find it harder in these areas due to the appearance the present and it may end up in conflict towards society i.

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e. gangs, robberies, drug dealing and so on. Where as adults have the whole financial problems on the shoulders. No matter what they do they’ll always be stuck for money, which then also impacts their children’s lives. Nutrition and dietary choices, it’s always in the media; telling us how to look; what to eat; what to wear, but who said people have to look a certain way, I agree yes that if you are overweight you’re cutting your years shorter however there’s people out there that are that perfect “Size-Zero” who may smoke or drink excessive amount of alcohol which probably shortens your life even more.

Physically: Both adults and teenagers may be able to do more things such as sports and so on. If an adult smokes or drinks they are lowering the lung capacity and heightening the risk of cancer. Intellectually: It may persuade you to go to work or get a job in the first place, due to you mood and how much you like to socialise with people. Most people who are doing more “manual” jobs are more likely to smoke rather than those who work in offices and so on. Emotionally: Diets aren’t all that bad; they can improve your moods and make you feel great about yourself, but they can also do the opposite if you can’t lose the weight that you want to.

Adults and teenagers are getting similar in terms of dieting, most adult want to look good and teenagers are now starting to read the media and become anxious about how they look. Socially: You may also socialise a lot more than usual as well especially if you go to gyms on a regular basis, you’re bound to meet new people and make friends. Even though it’s bad for your health, smokers are more likely to meet new people due to the smoking ban and having to go outside.

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