The Development and Learning of Babies

1.1 Explain the pattern of development in the first three years of life and the skills typically acquired at each stage
1.2 Explain:
how development and learning are interconnected
how and why variations occur in rate and sequence of development and learning that learning may take place in different ways
the importance of play – why play is important – pop-up free version

1.3 Explain the potential effects on development, of pre conceptual, pre birth and birth experiences
1.4 Explain the impact of current research into the development and learning of babies and young children
— impact involves being able to find ways to support children’s learning and development more effectively

Pre conceptual, pre birth and birth experiences may include:
alcohol intake – foetal alcohol syndrome
maternal ill health – pre-ecalmpsia, high blood pressure
poor maternal diet
substance abuse
assisted birth – forceps, ventouse, caesarean section
birth trauma – distress, anoxia, premature birth, post-term birth

Outcome 2 expects you to .

. Be able to promote the development and learning of babies and young children

2.1 Undertake assessments of babies or young children development and learning needs — types of observation

2.2 Demonstrate in own practice how the indoor and outdoor environment is responsive to the development and learning needs of babies and young children — consider what activities are provided and how a setting is laid out, where staff members are present, where they are not, how your enviorment or play spaces change to engage, interest and challenge children appropriately and how they adapt to remove any barriers that might prevent inclusion or participation.

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2.3 Plan play based activities and experiences based on assessments to support development and learning
— example child development plan
— Elinor Goldschmied – treasure baskets, heuristic play on the — Developing play for the under threes – on — What it means to be 1 – 2 – 3

2.4 Demonstrate in own practice the provision of play based activities and experiences to promote development and learning that are tailored to babies or young children’s needs

Environment may include:
Being well equipped, clean and safe with age appropriate equipment and materials which; provide appropriate challenge
offer appropriate levels of sensory stimulation
provide quiet calming spaces for babies and young children are planned and organised around individual needs of babies and young children

Outcome 3 expects you to .. Understand the attachment needs of babies and young children

3.1 Explain the benefits of the key worker/person system in early years settings 3.2 Explain how babies and young children learn and develop best from a basis of loving, secure relationships with carers and with key persons in work settings 3.3 Analyse the possible effects of poor quality attachments on the development of babies and children

Possible effects of poor quality attachments may include:
effects on social and emotional development and emotional security
effects on ability to settle, take risks and make the most of learning opportunities possible effects on short and long term mental health
effects on relationships with parents and professional carers

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