The Development and Importance of Youth Culture

Formative years (Youth) of an individual can be considered as determining period for creating his own identity. In this period, person can identify & and chose his own companion, create his own space in his family even influence the market policies. Generally youth have leisure time to do leisure activities, so markets are focussing on to add some value based on leisure activities. Advertising companies are also focussing to start their advertisements with leisure activities. Discussion: The development and importance of youth culture consumption for modern economies:

Youth has a tremendous power to change the society; we can see them as agent of change.

It can be negative or positive but the period is very crucial for everyone. They do not have responsibility to run their family and also they do not have a defined activity in their life. So, they like to do leisure activities & their leisure activities are very important to make their future. Bull, Hoose and Weed (2003) define that the industrialisation is a result of leisure activities of youth, they included that if youth had not done the leisure activities then many inventions even industrialisation had not be happened.

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They analysed that the people gradually understood the importance of leisure activities. Leisure is directly associated with youth. That is the why industries are focussing on showing leisure activities through their campaigns- banners, advertisements etc. Harris (2005) also makes the same statement that we can clearly feel the difference between advertisement for product for youth and other segment. Advertisement for youth always starts from leisure activities.

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This generally comprises of character of advertisement is playing, doing leisure activities.

Information about the product will be in the middle of the advertisement. The reason is that youth are relatively carefree in their spending behaviour. They are technology- savvy. They want to get everything more high-tech and with more features. That is the reason why Mobile industry is re-launching their product very frequently as compare to other industries. Their target group is youth. Adding more features in products helps in keeping the target customer attracted. Same thing happens in automobile industry.

Their target is also youth. They can be the young earner. They are young and attractive people like fun, who display no guilt in using luxury. Because of it, automobile industry launches, re-launches their vehicles very frequently with more luxuries features. Williamson (1978) explains that why advertising agencies are focussing on leisure activities because “advertising involves a transfer of qualities between the attractive people doing leisure and actual goods that they are displaying in the process.

All the values of fun, freedom and self- expression become associated with the miniaturized cassette player, the glass of lager, the new ford Ka, or whatever the product happens to be. ” Development and Importance of Youth Culture Consumption: Goy (2004) said that Japanese youth is creating pop culture and living in it. Japanese youth is also spreading the same culture in East and South-East Asia and that is affecting their consumption tendency as well. This influence motivates the marketers to invent to create the more advance for youth.

The youth in developing countries have more exposure of the latest technology than ever. Countries like India, Brazil, Latin America and others are facing the situation of cultural transition. The consumption of alcohol has become part of popular culture. The prohibited leisure activities are growing in demand due to the increasing purchasing power parity and transition of the socio-cultural environment. Bihagen and Tally (2000) stated that in Sweden, mostly two culture consumptions are in focus, highbrow leisure activities and lowbrow TV watching Preference.

Choice of leisure activity is based on education, occupation, age, family status etc. Same is applicable to the youths of developing economies. The gender based differences of consumption patterns can be seen as women are more active and interested in highbrow culture, whereas men are more interested in lowbrow index. Conclusion: Development of youth culture consumption is based on many factors like family status, income of family, age, surrounding, education etc.

The developing nations, particularly the fast developing nations are facing change in various cultural and social aspects. The young population has ample of opportunities due to the domestic market and growth of economy. The economic choices available to them from food to entertainment are different. This is also impacting the cultural environment of the youth of these nations. Youth segment is very important for marketers, so their cultural consumption influence the market and motive the marketers to create more advance product for youth.

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The Development and Importance of Youth Culture

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