The Devastating Disaster of Chernobyl

Chernobyl was a remote place, a population of 14,000 citizens, people that lived there where manly people that worked at the nuclear reactor, but an ongoing failed experiment happened which the nuclear power plant broke down and spread toxic gas all around the world. Since the explosion of the Chernobyl disaster, it was one of the most devastating commercial nuclear power reactors from the Soviet Union. The reactor was described as a “product of a severely flawed Soviet-era reactor design combined with human error.

”, Chernobyl was set as an illustration of reasons behind why it happened, the consequences of the disaster, and having nuclear power plants more contained.

The Chernobyl nuclear power plant was one of the most advanced Soviet Union’s facilities, the first three reactors were not operational until 1977 Reactor 1 and Reactor 2 in 1978 and also the Reactor 3 in 1981, Reactor 4 was one of the newest online reactors in 1983. On April 26, 1986, there was a testing conducted to check on the backup cooling system in reactor 4, but the safety drill went extremely bad the nuclear power plant was designed with a giant steam engine with uranium fuel rods, the uranium fuel rods were used to produce a big amount of heat that takes water and converts into steam which spins big turbines to make electricity, to keep everything in control, control rods are put between the uranium fuel rods to slow down the reaction and it was important that the cooling water would be always pumping around the reactor or core to prevent overheating, and so when the test was conducted most of the control rods were taken out and since there was a little number of control rods the technicians(nuclear engineers) lost control of the cooling temperatures the massive amount of heat was rising in the center of the core because the uranium fuel rods were not separated by the control rods and so the production of steam and heat was on the rise and so the temperatures kept on rising, the technicians never knew that they were right next to an invisible ticking time bomb, the heat became so high and dangerous it melted the core and at 1:23am reactor 4 exploded, it ejected eight tons of radioactive radiation into the air, people evacuated and only had 2 hours to pack their belongings most of the people left everything and just left with their children, the fires lasted for fifteen days half of a million military and civilian personnel were drafted to deal with the disaster, 31 plant workers and firefighters died within a couple days or a week from radiation sickness, there is also a fact that the toxicity of the clouds and debris was equal to 400 Hiroshima 1945 nuclear bomb which Henry Truman ordered(that is crazy), the crew made a sarcophagus encase all around the reactor to stop more radiadiation from coming out, but in the inside there was still 200 tons of radioactive fuel, what was amazing was that the remaining 3 reactors were still running because of energy shortage in Ukraine, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was still operational till 2000 all three reactors were completely shut down, since the sarcophagus was getting old and breaking apart they start building a new confinement structure that stands as tall as 110m and wide enough to even put a ship as big as the titanic which will cost 3 billion dollars and would be made in 2017.

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After the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was contained the clouds of radiation was not contained most of the radiation went to Belarus, the radiation spread mainly on surface deposits, plants, and crops, also on the soil(Topsoil and Subsoil), there is a whole cycle of how radiation spread from sea animals to the animals on land which meant no food and water, if you did eat food and was working outside you would most likely be exposed to radiation from internal organs to external skin and clothing. There was a study made by a Biologist named Timothy Mousseau, he wanted to go to Chernobyl and see how the wildlife was living, to check if the animals had deformities or have changed since the accident, when conducting the studies he looked on trees, birds, spiders, rodents, etc, they found that the birds were “depressed” they had deformed feet, tail feathers and mutations, there was a decrease in animal life where there more radioactive spots, what was a great amazement was that animals were adapting to high radiation levels, mushrooms were even more radioactive than its surroundings(plants, leafs), mushrooms even developed their own fungus that uses radiation to produce its own energy source just like solar panels, the cut tree was also changing by the color of there rings, the bugs around were also affected they showed a image of two bugs one was normal(color patterns look clear) and the other had blurry spots not a sharp like pattern like normal bugs, in 2017 the region is now one of the worlds most thriving wildlife in sanctuaries, apart from the animals studies said that human habitation would not be available for another 20,000 years(just one reactor can do this) because of you can still be able to get tumors or the most likely chance of getting Thyroid cancer(children have the highest chance of getting Thyroid Cancer). The health administration was happy that the radiation did not give any negative health impacts or to the rest surrounding population, the health administration was also surprised that over 1,000 reactor staff were exposed to radiation and 200,000 works were involved in recovery but only 50 people died for cancer 20 years later.

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