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The Deterioration of Values and Its Instigating

The deterioration of values is instigating chaos and devastation in our society. Incidents of corruption, abuse, homicide, abducting, fraud, etc. have elevated a lot. Signifies what?

Vicissitudes in the fusion of values, ethos and standards of behaviour have been, through a given period in time, perpetually accredited to the transformations or developments in the social structure of that epoch. The deterioration of values is visible in everywhere in society nowadays. Human is ready to go to any extent in pursuit to acquiring affluence, authority, position and prestige.

In the existent life circumstances human is persuaded by insular deliberations and there the condition is evident by inhumanity, viciousness, ravenousness, burglaries, drug addiction, bribery, molestation and terrorization etc. In our society institutions shape individual’s personality through socialisation to produce not only best citizens but make better social beings and good human beings. Consequently it has been generally considered that there has been a precipitous erosion of significant values in the society.

It is continuously observed within the society that violence, egocentric, deceitfulness, harassment, and disrespect, vulgarity have mounted enormously.

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Studies validate that younger generation are caring least concerned regarding moralities and ethical values instead focusing on themselves in order to promote their own agendas, and the agendas do not focus on morals or values.

This tendency of deterioration in human values does not merely instigate grave threat to the impending progression of the nation on the other hand also for its existence. Although, conversion in human and societal values in today’s generation is preordained with stretch of time however the deterioration in newer generation is at a panicking rate.

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It deputes on the families, educational institutions and the members of the society to inculcate the coveted values in the todays generation.

Today we are going through a grotesque and anomalous period of value crisis. Every area of life and society is in the grip of moral decay and devaluation of values. Every pillar of our democracy is stumbling. Several options are being presented as solutions to these values crisis. In our view, the source of all values is spiritual so if today’s generation is linked to spirituality, which is currently an effective solution to the crisis filled with ideological pollution.

Discontentment, isolation, detachment, riots or unrest, agitation, inequality, disparagement, chaos, ideal loophole, injustice, tyranny, humiliation, failure, depression, instability, uncertainty, conflict, violence … all this has surrounded our lives today.

The decline of the moral character of human beings, decay or deterioration and devaluation of moral values is due to odious narrow- thoughts and bawdy emotions of violence in an individual and in the society which is the root of the problems like communalism, ethnicity, lingualism, regionalism etc.

Ethical relation is human expression of attitudes, hence its important integral and unwavering relationship with education. Environmental components have a special contribution in the development of attitudinal tendencies rather than skills and competencies. If the elements of ethics are not adequately available in the environment of children, then the elements which are primarily in the environment will become part of life. That is why it is said that the values are not taught, they are acquired.

The National Educational Research and Training Council, the country’s largest educational institution, has prepared a list of those values that can be characterized by moral values in a person. In this list 84 values have been included.

It is worth noting that the mother of moral values is morality; is not just coordination of virtues, but it is a great quality, which is influenced by all the actions of man and the entire personality is influenced by it.

Actually ethical values and morality is the code of conduct. We must comprehend this very well that moral values are very personal. With its blooming elevation and implementation it progressively becomes transitional, social and universal.

In modern life, the need for moral values, importance, essentialness and indispensability can be understood from the simplicity and abstraction that philosophers, sociologists, psychologists, educationists, policy-makers of the world considered ethics as an essential quality for humans.

The subject of regret is that our education only focuses on intellectual development. Our education does not wake the perception in the learner, he does not wake up the curiosity, which inspires himself to find the truth and leads to enlightenment, the right education can be the only one who can develop ethical and spiritual values in the learner.

Ethics is very essential for a person’s whole life. In the absence of this, the collective life of the human becomes difficult. Ethical values generated by ethics are the characteristics of humans. Ethical values only give the person the range of being human. On the basis of these man is elevated above the social animal and called the moral or human being. Only the criteria of good, bad, right wrong person, object, behaviour and event are examined. These criteria are called values only. And in the Indian tradition, this value is called Dharma, that is, ‘religion’ is the name of eternal values whose man, word, or actions are said to be man human being, otherwise what’s the difference between human is and animal? Religion means human code of conduct and righteousness. This Code of Conduct is the ethics and the criteria of this ethics are the moral values. In the absence of moral values, any person, society or country will definitely be transformed. Ethical values are internal and intrinsic elements, which are based on the wisdom of a person, who work on the basis of the development of the person’s personality,

Ethical values extend from person to world, in all areas of life. The journey of moral values is from individual to family, community to society and nation to humanity. The importance of moral values can be deemed to be seen in the eyes of the individual, society and the world. To deal with the challenges of problems arising due to the rapid change in social life, and to make a healthy interaction between the new and the ancient, the function of the moral values is to serve as a bridge. Due to moral values, organizational powers and processes are speeded up in the society and the disruptive forces are decayed.

Ethics facilitates society and social life and indirectly controls the society. Society’s integration and assimilation cannot be protected in the absence of ethics. World peace, international cooperation, friendship etc. cannot be imagined in the absence of moral qualities such as the spirit of world brotherhood, humanism, equality, love and sacrifice.
Ethics is the basis of human advancement. Man devoid of morality is worse than animals. The source of values is the human’s discretion, conscience or wisdom. The source of values is the human’s discretion, conscience or wisdom. Thoughts are formed through wisdom; Thoughts give rise to perception and perception formulates the values. These perceptions are specific and consistent and are distinguished by values and specificity. From the new era of personal values social values arise,

The deterioration of values has to the spread of ruthless pomposity, infinite ravenousness, palm-greasing, fraud, inhumanity rowdyism, viciousness, obliteration, grievous unfairness, misuse of rights, molest etc. Man is the emperor of peripheral world of sentimental and phantasy to a great level. People do not dither to misuse others for their personal advantage.

In contemporary epoch moral and ethical values are deteriorating. Individuals of the society are becoming selfish and egocentric. Values in civic life are at guise as if on crunches society is facing crisis of values. There is deterioration of societal, ethical, cultural, financial and political, civic values at each and every echelon. Nowadays obedience is missing amid new generation. They disobey their elders and over and over again disregard them. Today’s generation has become too much conceited that they are predominantly engaged in fulfilling their own welfares and comforts. Consequently it has been universally agreed that there has been a swift deterioration of ethical and significant values among youths of the society. Therefore if we want to keep our society and individuals safe, ethics and human values and societal values must be premeditated. Hence there is an urgent necessity of moral ideologies and values to be inculcated in teens to make them good, valuable and accountable human beings. Moral character of children requires to be toughened to shape up an ethical, balanced and peaceful society.

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