The Destructors, authored by Graham Greene, conveys the concept that people have the instinctive capability to damage, and make a regret option, between what they think in what is right from incorrect. The Destructors is to show how clear the characters and their actions are forecasted and assisted by the subtle message of paradox. The central theme of this narrative is of a group of teens who call themselves the ‘Wormsley Common Gang’. The gang of misfits live by their own rules, despite the expectations of average residents.

There are a couple of ranges in the irony, some more vital than others. For instance, it was ironic when Trevor told the gang when to satisfy up before the destruction, and Mike informs the group that he will not have the ability to make it because he needs to go to church. Ironically, Mike’s credibility is seen as a hardcore gang member, and perceptions of gangsters are not those typically associated with religious beliefs.

Its programs, although he tries to fit in with the older gang members, he is still religious and doesn’t wish to feel like a sinner.

Second of all, it is a strong example of irony when Trevor states, “We aren’t burglars.” Just since they do not invest the cash they have actually discovered and burnt it rather. They may feel as if it wasn’t doing any prohibited damage. Yet, in reality their actions are still considered as taking since the gang is sleuthing into somebody’s individual belongings without approval.

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As Trevor does rule out himself a burglar, his integrity and sense of right from wrong is depicted. Therefore, his judgments are as limited as his action contradict in his intents.

Initially, the kids choose to ruin Mr. Thomas’ house They believe their actions will be doing the location a favor, by tearing your home apart to cancel the appearance of the other homes equally in the community. By doing that, the gang members at first thought they became heroes or terrific figures to be recognized. Nevertheless, they did not recognize their actions would not be seen as considerate by the individuals and their actions for reduce their purpose. Therefore, no matter how hard the gang attempts to receive respect from the society, they will never gain any from them aside from having credibilities for being a defiant gang of teenage boys.

The gang of teenagers is symbolism of the new generation, sons of destruction who thrive to bitterly be disassociated from anything before them. Feeling disconnected from the past, with the upcoming changes, the gang has a feeling of superiority above the elderly. Similarly in the reality of today, we hide the guilt within us, no matter how harmless it feels, the wrong will always leave evidence of effect.

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