The description of the monster Essay

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The description of the monster

Frankenstein was written by Mary Shelley, in the year 1816. It was decided upon, one stormy night in Geneva, that her, her husband and two others would all write horror stories for each other. Mary then got her inspiration from sciences at the time, like Galvani’s theories of electricity’s effect on animal bodies and muscles reaction to a stimulus. The type of gothic literature that Shelley wrote is a prime example of the dark and dismal writing of that period. Shelley went on to write the epic piece of gothic horror – Frankenstein.

Chapter five is a very important chapter in the play, Frankenstein’s struggle is finally over, and the monster finally lives. However, not everything turned out the way Frankenstein wanted to, and answers to his questions such as “where does life begin” have not been found. Shelley uses lots of informative adjectives to make the chapter seem more dramatic, for example, she says the monster has “watery eyes” and “black lips”. This tells us how Frankenstein had tried to make the monster beautiful, but in the process had made the monster grotesque by bringing the different body parts together.

This creates a very powerful image in our minds of what the monster looks like. Shelley also creates a very dramatic atmosphere by using pathetic fallacy to set the mood of the chapter by using the weather as a powerful tool to mimic how Frankenstein is feeling. For instance “It was a dreary night in November” and also “Morning, dismal and wet” makes us feel the depressed mood of the opening paragraph, and doing so adds a dramatic air of tension to the play.

When the monster begins to come to life, the sense of unknown that we get also creates dramatic tension; we don’t know what will happen, which is a very powerful device to use. For instance, “I saw the yellow eye of the creature open, it breathed hard and a convulsive motion agitated its limbs. ” This creates tension, as we do not yet know whether the creature is alive, and so far it is not the incredible perfect human that Frankenstein was hoping for. However, we can tell by the sentence that something is wrong with the monster and the experiment might have failed.

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