The Definition of Reality Essay

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The Definition of Reality

The quote which Christof made in the movie “The Truman Show” depicts the narrow-mindedness of the human brain the inability to search for the truth. Humans get used to the idea of a particular habit of living, which disables them from reaching the ultimate truth. Therefore, reality is the achievement of the questioning of the world around us to find the perfect truth which should be accepted, to live without the conflict that our world presents itself with.

In numerous situations in life, people confirm to the ideas prevalent in their society. Whether it is a certain ideology, fashion style, religion or anything, people usually take it upon themselves to follow it, even though it might not make sense. They climb onto the bandwagon with everyone else, thereby conforming to the popular ideas. However, if one pondered about such ideologies, one would find loopholes, errors and petty misunderstandings within such worldly ideologies.

Reality, however, does not and should not have any sort of fallacy. Reality is like the diamond, glittering between the darkness of the other rocks it is buried with. If one scoured the whole place meticulously and with the correct mindset, one would notice the glimmer of the diamond. Reality, thus, is individuality, which makes one appreciate uniqueness and consider ideologies without throwing one’s sense away and following the widely held idea. Gaarder depicts such a situation in his book “Sophie’s World”.

Most people conform to society and slide down into the rabbit’s fur, making themselves comfortable without using their brain, while the best way is to cling on to the edges of the rabbit’s fur, seeing, questioning, interrogating and actively reading through the world’s mysteries to reach that shimmering diamond of reality. Reality is freedom. Because reality is the ultimate truth, it will set one free. Truman is trapped in Seahaven Island because he does not the truth. Born and raised in Seahaven, he knows nothing else. He does not know actual reality, therefore, he is confined.

Up until in the movie, Truman had been accepting the world with which he was presented. And that is what all human beings do which is why each and every one of us is trapped in a world that we accept unconsciously. Once we break the barriers of such confinement and realize that it is ultimate truth that we were seeking the whole time and that helped us from such entrapment, we are left with the glittering diamond of reality. Similarly, the people who have slid down the rabbit’s fur have confirmed themselves to the cozy and warm interior of the world they know, accepting, with blind faith, the surroundings they are surrounded with.

Truth or reality is the only way towards the questions that has haunted the human race for centuries. Who are we? How was the universe created? Who or what was the cause for creation? What is the purpose of our lives and our universe? An endless stream of questions runs on and on. In the “Truth Project”, Dr. Tackett explains the fallacy of searching for the answers to such “universals” in the particulate and natural world around us. Reality is the answer to the universal questions through the acceptance of divinity, authenticity and common reasoning.

With the assumption of the existence of God, it is unambiguous that He is the basis for reality- the point that philosophers and cultures from centuries ago have been trying to prove. The idea of divinity of a Supreme Being controlling is the ultimate truth and reality of our existence. Such an idea is of more worth than diamond, gold or silver put together, and thus one would achieve the epitome of reality and truth when he realizes it. Many people state and strongly believe in a multi-faceted reality, in which reality is the perspective of each and every person.

In other words, reality is relative, and takes different shapes and forms with each person. This would mean that truth is defined as however each person defines it- truth is relative. However, this is just a notion of the modern ages. It is widely accepted that truth and reality are absolute- there can only be one. By stating truth as relative, according to ‘allaboutphilosophy. org’ people are engaging themselves in a petty fallacy of circular reasoning. They reject the absolutist nature of reality by stating that reality is relative, wherein they are stating an absolute statement, which contradicts their relativism.

Reality or truth is absolute- there is only one real way. Many paths may look similar, however- and that is where critical thinking plays a huge role- one must critically examine all the nuances and scrutinize all the “fine print” before walking down that path. The assumption of a living and supreme God being the reality of our purpose and creation is an ideal that many people refute- atheists, humanists etc. The proof of the suffering in the world and the seemingly cruel and selfish reality of the world- which they perceive because of their narrow-mindedness—seems to present to them evidence against the existence of the supreme being.

However, C. S. Lewis and his arguments for the real existence of God prove otherwise. Of course, reality would be worthier than diamond itself, but for this essay’s sake, we would make such an extended analogy. Reality is the ultimate truth that should be seeked by each and every one in their life. The various positive definitions of reality serve to motivate anyone to search for the truth through critical thinking and determination to appreciate the world’s ultimate truth and the struggle to get to that particular destination.

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