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The definition of love have been changed tough history and continuously in every context. Every times it is used, it is used in different way but there is the comment type that can be applied to every one. We know that there can be multiple types of love such as motherly love, brotherhood love, erotic love, self love, and love for God. And the real love should represent all this types in one person at the same time. According to the research many people seek the same kind of love they are accustomed to, that is, motherly love.

One of the greatest love types is a ‘mother’s love which most would agree is the most pure love a human being can offer. A Mother’s love is the memorable love in everyone’s life because it happens in one’s childhood during one’s vulnerable years. The depth of a mothers’ love is expressed though their care for their children, the risks they take for them, the sense of responsibility they have towards them throughout their childhood.

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“The Mother love is that fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible”[1] This quote by Marion Garretty is describing a type of love that one can only get from their mother. Maybe it has to do with the nine months the mother nurtured her child, the fact that the child is made of her own genes, and was attached to her through her umbilical cord. Whatever it may be, many people would agree that a mother’s love is irreplaceable, it’s an unconditional love.

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A mother’s love is natural other types of love are created artificially. They are artificial because other’s fall in love because they love someone’s character or the way they look. However, a mother’s love is not conditional, it is there no matter what the child looks like or how they act. Mothers will love them anyways, that’s why everyone seeks to find a person that will love them just like mother does.[pic] Now we often times hear about men who want to marry women who are just like their mother’s.

Why is that? Is it because they have ancestral feelings for their mothers? That is very unlikely. Men are just used to that natural unconditional love, the nurturing that they most likely, received from their mothers. That is a comfort zone for them. In other words, people look for their comfort zones. If a woman acts like their mothers/fathers do, nurtures them like their mothers, then they feel comfortable. The brotherhood love is the most fundamental love that is expressed to unrelated person that you get conduct through our life experience. In other words, Brotherly love is the sense of responsibility, care respect knowledge to other unrelated human being or human being in general. The compassion implies the element of knowledge and of identification. “You know the heart of the stranger,”[2] says the Old Testament, “of you were stranger in the land of Egypt: therefore love the stranger!”[3]According to this we have to love other to gain other’s love which is correlated.

Moreover, Brotherly love is the lifetime support which is expressed though care and support. That is not least important phenomenon in our life. That is why we look for stable person/lover that we can share our everyday experiences and get moral support from them. Another significant love expression is erotic love which is usually fulfilling our physical need and gives us an illusion of unfitness with another person during sexual act. And it’s one of the important tools that closes up people to each other and take of all barriers between each other. The sexual love is just an illusion of love but it is not even close to it. Because sexual desire is in the minds of most people coupled with idea of love, they are easily misled to conclude that they love each other when they want each other physically. So it can be assumed that it is love to sexual action not to the person itself. Nevertheless the sexual desires need to be attracted by one to other.

Which means partners should have physical attraction to each other in order to live a happy life. The next significant aspects of love are self love, which is usually called narcissistic love. There is many ways to describe this type of love but the famous one is written by Freud, “the love is a manifestation of libido, and that the libido is either turned toward others-love; or toward oneself-love”.[4]So it very important to love yourself so the other will know how to love you and to treat you. So it could ne the example of the way that you want to be loved. We can assume that it’s important to find a person that can love you just the way you love yourself. That is why it is necessary part if real love between individuals. Last but not least is Love to God, being very religious person, I can not campier the love to god with love to human being.

Nevertheless there is something is common that can be mentioned. The Love to God is expressed thought respect. That’s why we consider this type of love one of the pure loves. That is why in out Asian society respect in relationships is one of the indicator of our love to the partner. That is why people seek to find individual that respect his personality and his choices. To summer up I want to say that there is so many different type of love that one person can contain of. Usually we assume that our lover should be just like our mother/father, and friend, sexual partner, love us just the way we loves themselves, and respect us like they do for God. That’s why it is important to except a person just the way he is and try to learn him just like it is the important major in their lives. And only after that we can reach the real love.


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