The Definition of Beauty Essay

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The Definition of Beauty

The definition of beauty has long been sought after; beauty is the transitions through human life, and is not subject to hour-long make-up rituals in the morning or being a size two. The birth of a child and the life they yet to live is beauty. Caking on chemical filled appearance “enhancers”, or sporting this years new fashion line is not what defines beauty. Beauty is experience, and is shown through the miracles that occur through human life; beauty is not limited to designer shoes and runway models as believed to be by todays’ society. Beauty is when a mother holds her newly born child for the first time and pictures their life full of success and happiness. That child will soon grow to experience their own forms of beauty through life; at the tender age of six years old they will be emerged into a system of creating a beautiful mind through learning not only words and numbers, but social skills and how to treat others.

Beauty is against all odds marrying your high school sweetheart, and is shown through symbolic occurrences; looking deeply into a spouses eyes’ as one recites meaningful vows to the other on their wedding day is beautiful. Achieving goals and aspirations vigorously chased, after years of hard work is beauty. Even growing old, as reluctant as many may be to age is beautiful. Wrinkles do not show flaws; wrinkles show experiences through a long and eventful adventure of life. Death has beauty as well. The beauty in death is not shown through the deceased but through the living; as tears are shed stories of beautiful life are remembered and relived and never forgotten. Beauty is not searing hot plates of metal slowly diminishing the quality of a desperate woman’s hair as she strives to reach todays’ “beauty standards.” Beauty is not a size two even though it is constantly sought after by already beautiful beings; malnourished and hollow men and women walk this earth setting such standards go through life threatening processes to achieve this “beautiful” figure. But that is not beauty.

Nor is hours of life wasted, sitting in front of a mirror, carefully applying foundation to cover blemishes, eyeliner to achieve the desired shape and lipstick to give a subtle sexiness to appeal the eye. Beauty is not weeks of pain after a costly surgery to fix what was naturally given; plastic cannot be substitute to something so naturally beautiful as a body gifted by parents. Beauty is not defined by the cost of the Loui Vuitton shoes that a frighteningly skinny runway model showcases as she struts down the catwalk. Beauty, not easily defined is a loving spirit that ends with a fulfilled life. Starting from the miracle of birth to the inevitable death beauty flows freely. Beauty is not achieved simply by aesthetics, but by caring hearts and truly content beings. When beauty is found without designer shoes and make-up rituals is when one finally understands the definition of true beauty.

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