The Day That Forever Changed My Life Essay

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The Day That Forever Changed My Life

July 26th, 2006 was a sweltering hot and humid summer day and I was scheduled to work from 12:00pm-8:00pm in the kitchen at Rutland House of Pizza, now known as Olympic Pizza, located in Rutland, Vermont. I dreaded going into work that day because I knew from experience that if it is already 90 degrees and humid outside, that it is going to get hotter and it will be hotter in the kitchen and only get worse through-out the night. When I arrived to work my boss, Tony, told me that the delivery driver didn’t show up and that I would be the delivery driver this shift. I was very happy to hear this knowing that I will not have to be in the sweaty almost unbearably hot kitchen, instead I was able to be in my refreshingly, cool and comfortable air-conditioned car for my eight hour shift. Around six o’clock I walked inside to get more pizza to deliver, and it was then that my life was changed forever in the best way possible. Something told me to turn my head and look towards the right where the employees were standing. Once I looked towards the right tunnel vision began, over by the soda machines was the most handsome man I had ever seen, he was an employee there also but our shifts had never crossed before.

He was wearing his apron covered in flour and sauce from making pizzas and he was sweaty as he grabbed the Pepsi cup and got a Fanta Soda to refresh himself. When I saw him, I got an unexplainable wonderful feeling and sensation throughout my body, I saw no one else around him or myself. When he looked over at me his luscious doe eyes locked with my eyes and I knew that it was love at first site. I walked over to him, not realizing that he was talking to another woman and he was just getting the courage to ask her for her phone number. I interrupted their conversation and introduced myself and learned his name was Joe, and we got to talking and wound up getting together after work. He was older than I, and immediately our relationship was full of potentially negative opinions from others, but I only saw the potentially positive outcomes.

Before my family met Joe they thought that because of his age he would influence me in ways that a woman my age with a man her age wouldn’t be influenced by. The age difference has allowed Joe to experience a lot more in this world and they thought that it would hinder me from having my own experiences in the world. Our age difference doesn’t bother me, to me age is just a number, but it is the maturity that counts. It didn’t hinder my experiences that I would have in the world, if anything he directed me to have positive experiences and steered me clear of the negative experiences.

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