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The Day That Changes My Life Forever Essay

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Diabetes plays a huge role in my family’s health history. As a father one of our favorite activities was to go camping with my family. We went close to every weekend or every other weekend during the spring and summer seasons. As I was enjoying the day with my family, I felt something that was unusual. I had a thirst that could not be quenched come over me and at the time I did not realize that this trip would be very different from any other in the past. We left for our usual camping trip but this time we would be in the doctor’s office. As I sit in the diabetic specialist’s office hearing the news that I was diabetic I realized that the life I had known so far would never be the same. When I was young I have seen people with their toes got cut off. I think highly of myself that it will never happened to me. But after hearing the news that day my world turned upside down and it seems like my world is coming to an end. I have never thought I will get into a situation like this. Three years ago I became a diabetic, and since then I have been very interested in learning all I can about the disease.

As with other diseases, there are disadvantages to having diabetes. I have found that I must maintain a delicate balance between insulin injections, diet, and exercise in order to keep my blood sugar at a normal level. The maintenance of this balance requires a great deal of my attention, so occasionally I am unable to concentrate completely on some activity. I must always be conscious of my sugar level and be ready to make adjustments if my level is too high or too low. Another problem I have experienced is that other people do not understand diabetes. I have encountered people who think diabetics are sick and cannot lead normal lives. Other disadvantages of diabetes are the daily insulin injections I must take and the complications that can occur if proper control is not maintained. I have also experienced other complications, some diabetics experience slow healing of wounds and impairments of eyesight and circulation.

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Some disadvantage is that I do not get to eat all my favorite food, there are some limitations to what I eat. Despite the disadvantages of diabetes, I have found that having it is advantageous in some aspects. My healthy diet and regular exercise have allowed me to stay in good shape. Some doctors say that it is the healthiest disease. Another advantage of diabetes actually stems from disadvantages of the disease. In some ways the problems involved with diabetes have made me more determined to excel whatever I do.

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