The Day That Changed My Life Essay

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The Day That Changed My Life

It was eighth grade year and we were on a band trip to Buckhannan, West Virginia where we would be the Honorary Band in the Strawberry Festival Parade. That day is the day that I will never forget. We were getting ready to march in the parade; getting all the instruments and equipment ready and putting final touches on everyone’s uniform, when all of a sudden I hear, “Tasha!” several times. I turn around and see my little sister Korie along with her mom and sister.

At first I just stood there in shock. I couldn’t believe that she was there after not seeing her for eight years of her life. I will never forget the look on her face as she ran up and gave me that huge, tight hug. Her face just lit up. We cried so much, not because we were upset, but because we were so happy and excited to reconnect with each other.

Having my little sister at that parade to watch and cheer me on, as I twirled in front of my middle school band, meant the world to me. The worst part of that day came just a few short hours later when she had to leave again. We were afraid that we would never see each other again. She called me as they began to drive away, and said, “Tash, I miss you already. Please don’t forget about me, and come visit me soon. I love you, big sister.” Hearing her say that as she was crying just broke my heart. That night, I was glad to be with my closest friends having their support knowing that part of my heart had just left me again. Later that evening, we had to go to the awards ceremony for the parade. As we waited patiently for our category to be announced, we stood together talking about how exciting it was to even be part of that parade, let alone the Honorary Band.

When they slowly got to our category they announced our Drum Major, Ben Troupe, as being first place in the entire parade. Our band director and all of our chaperones were all so excited. Then, just a few short minutes later, it was announced that I had won the overall Feature Twirler in the parade. Everyone became so much more excited, because no one expected it at all. As soon as we got back to our rooms, I immediately called Korie to tell her. When I told her she said, “I’m so happy for you, I’m proud to call you my big sister.” I told her that I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish that if she wouldn’t have been there. Seeing her for the first time in eight years, it was just simply amazing. Two surprises in one day? I’d say that’s an unforgettable day for sure.

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