The Day I Got Lost Skiing

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I’m going to tell you a little story about how good friends will always end up talking to each other every now and then, and often make a good team. So here goes: One day, our car pulled up to my ski class. This was my third day. Me and this guy, Bennet, were best buddies, probably because we were both really adventurous and risk-taking, and this was our second year skiing together. For some reason, we just kept getting put together every year after that up till my most recent year skiing, and I’m sure it’ll happen this year too.

But at some point, we got totally separated from the group, along with a couple of friends. We had been racing down the hill, when we saw a forest trail.

I drifted to a stop, while carefully spraying snow all over Bennet. I asked our teacher: “Is it ok if we take this trail?” “Sure.” she replied “Just meet us at the bottom of the slope”.

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“Okay”, I said. So, me, Bennet, and a couple of our other friends started going down the trail. There were quite a few forks in the trail, though, and Bennet stumbled and fell down at one of them. The trail and fork he chose were too thin for anyone to stop and help him, though. So, everyone but me, oddly enough, chose to go around him and expect him to catch up, without even informing me that he was down. I, however, stumbled over him and fell!

We got up, but we soon found a flaw in their plan.

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No one decided which trails they’d take! So, we had to navigate our way on our own, because it was snowing and we couldn’t see the tracks, and my phone didn’t have a signal this high up, even for data so I could send someone an online message. Soon, after a bit of exploring, we found an exit. But it turned out we were on the wrong side of the mountain! We went down to Golden Nugget, our favorite slope, since it had many ups and downs that allowed us air time, to find a map. Once we found one, I asked Bennet: “Hey, bro, you hungry?” and he replied “Ani, we’ve been in freezing snow at the top of the mountain without our teacher for about 15-20 minutes, yes I’m hungry!”, and I’m like “I thought so.” so we took a snack break, since (thank goodness) I had a couple of brownies in my jacket, and, what better time to use it then right now?

Then we had to go down a bunch of slopes until we got to a lift which we had never seen before. We got on the lift, but Bennet fell down and off the lift! I got to the top, skied down, and drifted to a stop next to him. Luckily, he wasn’t hurt, because his jacket and hat had hit the ground before him, along with one of his gloves and cushioned his fall. I helped him up, we found his skis and boots, and we were (luckily) able to dig his glove out of the layer of snow that quickly formed above it, and we went back up. We skied over the side, and came down to the lift for Hog Wild, the only slope we could use to get to the slope we were on when we entered the trail, and unfortunately, one of the hardest slopes we’d skied in our lives.

Then, we went and waited at the meeting point, and sat down. We thought about what lesson we learned, and we concluded that the lesson was merely about how getting lost can be much less scary if you have a friend to share the experience with, and it, in a way, makes you better friends, since you’ve gone through something scary together. And then… we had never been so happy to be crashed into by our group! Ever. Afterwards, we went to the lodge some warm hot cocoa with whipped cream and sprinkles, and our teacher told us how long we were gone and how worried they were, and provided us with a threat upon our trail-taking. THE END!

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