The Dawn of the Net Essay

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The Dawn of the Net

In the video of warriors of the . net the whole way of accessing the internet is described, the devices which the information goes through in the form of packaged data, the summary is as follows:

When we enter a web address on the internet explorer it is considered as a package in which all the information is contained within it, as soon as we press the return button the packed data goes to the local area network commonly known as LAN where the packed data is guided to the router, router can be considered as a device which transfers the data to the different network which in turn goes to the corporate internet or sometimes can be called as the router switch from there it goes to the network interface.

From the network interface the packed data goes to the proxy which serves the purpose of sending the data to the internet it looks for the URL and is used by the companies for security purposes. Then it goes to the firewall which performs the main security purpose of blocking the unexpected data and let the desired data to go pass through it, than another router picks up the packaged data and moves it to the band width which performs the purpose of transferring the data from one place to another place, there can be many types of band width.

Finally the packed data goes to the world of internet and reaches to its destination, where the packed data is reopened and sends back the desired information in the same kind of packages which goes through all the way back through all the devices and reaches where it was started and hence we view the desired website or some other kind of information. The more summarized process is shows on the next page in the form of a diagram.

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