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The Dark Knight Movie Review Essay

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Very rich person Bruce Wayne from Gotham city that spends his everyday hours as a playboy, industrialist, and philanthropist. Nonetheless, Wayne progresses toward becoming when the sun sets and night rises that catches the hearts of many fans. In The Dark Knight exceptional element plate called “Batman Unmasked,” Dr. Robert T. M. Phillips states, “Batman influences the full range of enthusiastic apprehension and satisfaction and distress that every last one of us involved in life.” Director Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight investigates Batman’s consistent battle against Gotham City’s wrongdoing and the hero internal fight against great versus fiendish.

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The film The Dark Knight is huge on the grounds that it tests Batman as an image of expectation, challenges society’s feeling of equity, and demonstrates Batman’s battle against wrongdoing identifies with the group.


The Dark Knight is a 2008 superhero film based on the fictional DC Comics character Batman, it is the sequel to the 2005 release, Batman Begins. The film is directed by Christopher Nolan. Nolan’s was inspired to make this film because of the Joker’s comic book devoted which was “The Killing Joke” and the series “The Long Halloween” which tells the origin of two-faced. Batman is a billionaire who put himself to protect the City of Gotham from the criminals that are lurking every day from that city as a Dark Crusader or also known as the Dark Knight/Batman. The Joker. A mighty murderous and psychopathic criminal mastermind who is portraying himself as an “agent of chaos”, who rises to dominant power by terrorizing Gotham and plunging it into anarchy. Harvey Dent. Gotham’s district attorney, hailed as the city’s “White Knight” but becomes a psychotic vengeful serial killer after half of his face are disfigured and becomes obsessed with avenging Rachel’s death. This Concept Paper will discuss about the Concept Target and also about the philosophy or theories that are seen in the movie. In connection with the Concept Target. Inside of the Concept Target explains or discusses about the following:

a. Nature of order and chaos
b. The basic truth of the Joker’s perspective is woven throughout the movie.
c. Anarchy is the most fundamental reality
d. Ideologies are weapons and curses
e. The Joker is present so Batman can exist and vice-versa
f. Harvey Dent’s coin toss and his gamble with fate
g. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” – Harvey Dent.

Structure of Concept
a. Nature of order and chaos. The Dark Knight is a luminous reconnoiters of nature of order and chaos. An unusual pristine malefactor denominated as Joker is living in a foolish, unethical and anarchic world. He believes that the order amount has nothing more than synthetic restriction timorous people inflict on actuality. Because of the quasi-orderly world that we have, the film expose Joker to remind us how
the world suffering from different catastrophe. Importantly, the Joker believes that having a bogus world will embrace by pusillanimous people deceitfully. He believes also that as soon as it’s in their self-absorption to discard rules, the surface of municipal respectability dematerializes and the masses become savage just like joker himself. The joker quest is to unveil what reality has had a human righteousness. Throughout the film, he generates nihilism to divulge the dishonorable that loiters just underneath the veneer of our well-ordered lives. To make unfeasible decisions where they either become savage like Joker or face death, he influences the people to believe him. He is exceptionally manifested right.

b. The basic truth of the Joker’s perspective is woven throughout the movie. The Hero of Gotham is Joker, who lives in the chaotic world and mindless, He expressed a desire to upset social order through crime. In Philosophy, Joker is a nihilist person because he posits that life is just about the most horrifying thing, a human despises to the belief that nothing matters the fact that his life has no meaning. Joker’s intention wasn’t clear because of its hidden personality or identity that we couldn’t know his plan. He was aiming to conquer the Gotham City and defeated Batman. He eliminated corrupt police, he destroyed organized crime financially and he uplifted Gotham’s spirit and many corrupt officials were imprisoned or killed. And this was the part of Joker’s masterfully executed plan.

c. Anarchy is the most fundamental reality Dark Knight isn’t a story that is all about the rivalry between Batman and Joker but it’s their
fight from Gotham City and Harvey Dent’s souls which ended tragically. Batman’s character came from an outcast and angry vigilante to a moral philosopher who already questions the ethics of what he was doing which is a bit dissimilar from his previous character.
The best example here is the Batman’s decision wherein he chooses to take the path that would eventually lead to Gotham’s revival, even though that path would mean that he would be treated as an outcast and a criminal. Being hero isn’t just about beating up bad guys but it talks also about doing what’s right, no matter how difficult it is. People shouldn’t jump to conclusion and judge someone without knowing who they really are, because maybe some hero is hidden in plain sight but not in the role you want a hero to be.

d. Ideologies are weapons and curses
Batman needs to go back to fight his greatest psychological threat because Joker takes over the crime group even though the League of Shadows has been destroyed. Bruce and Captain Gordon don’t know for the reason that half of the police force is plotting with his new danger. Joker causes a complete mess and devastation on the people of Gotham, so Batman needs to accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his capacity to fight injustice.

e. The Joker is present so Batman can exist and vice-versa
We need darkness (Joker) to appreciate the light (Batman). Joker exist as the ultimate test of Batman’s will. And according to Goyer, the Dark Knight primary theme is escalation or to become greater or higher. The Dark Knight must accept one of the greatest psychological and
physical tests to fright injustice. Also striking closeness to reality. It attempts on the dark side of the society and the human psyche. Gotham City’s violence and corruption, as well as the Joker, treats, he pushes the limit if Batman’s pre-existing ideologies and challenge him to make questions about how effective they are. Throughout the film, (The Joker) he set up Rachel vs. Harvey scene where he had to choose the person he cared and to help Gotham as well. He put the laws into his own hands in downgrading the city. But he didn’t successful to conquer the City of Gotham. So that Commissioner Gordon and District Attorney Harvey make an ethical and logical decision. And in the end, the whole moral foundation of Batman is threatened.

f. Harvey Dent’s coin toss and his gamble with fate
In this circumstances, Harvey Dent has been elected as an attorney at Gotham’s new district. His agenda in Gotham’s was radical and that would be to organize the crime to the underworld and for all with an iron fists. However, the rouge vigilante which we known as “Batman” emergence and he’s having a problem for Kent agenda. The new criminal and the mastermind of all killings which he well. Known as “The Joker” he aims to take Gotham out from the hands of Harvey Dent iron fist. He’s the one who planned the bank robbery and robs the Gotham
mob blind. The money that he stole was he used this to make a horrific and strategic attacks against the city of its people— everything will planned and carefully to aimed at Dent and Batman thinking if what the next step he do while people thinks that he might have found the lead to the Joker and him thanks Wayne enterprises dealings with a shady Chinese Banker which he brought two of them in Hong Kong and that is Alfred and Batman. However, the Joker has no rules, but Batman has only one, and the Joker wanted to break his only one rule. But the question is, who’ll be the one to take him out. Is it Batman or the elected official Harvey Kent, the new hero with a face.

g. “You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.” –
Harvey Dent. In the same aspects of life, people have mentioned the theme of the triumph through goods and bad. As what we have seen in the movie we watched we all know that Harvey Dent a “white knight” in the beginning but at the end, he became monstrous or evil. On the other hand, the Joker is seen as the representation of chaos and anarchy. He has no rule, motive, orders and no desires, in fact, it is cause to havoc and “watch the world burn”. The ferry scene displays how humans can easily be enticed by iniquity and how that could lead to potential disaster. At the Montage Commissioner Gordon, I’ve seen a lot of members of Gotham Police Department. It’s unclear whether he was killed or not. Gordon smashes the Bat signal above the MCU Building, while Alfred burns Rachel’s note and Luscious shuts down the sonar machine with a please look. In the background, Batman continually explains that by taking the blame of the killings, the faith and compassion of the people of Gotham in Harvey Dent if they felt to be justified. Batman runs from Gordon as the cops begins to chase him, and Gordon tells his son Harvey Dent is a hero that’s why Gotham’s need him. Although Batman gets on his Bat pod and speeds away, while Gordon declares “He’s a Silent Guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight.”

Explanation of Different Idea
o Existentialism
Batman and Joker have their differences, In reality, for our society to become balance there should always have differences, for example, in order for batman to became a hero, there should be an evil which is a joker, the reality isn’t always good, in order for it to become balance, there should always be struggles because even in reality it makes an individual more stronger. Struggles sometimes are what we need because it gives our life more meaning and it gives our lives a trust. In the movie, Batman represent the good and Joker represent the evil. While society pits the joker and batman against each other, the Joker proclaims that they are actually two sides of the same chaotic coin. The idea of an individual’s purpose in life in connection to the idea of existentialism about knowing the reason for living in this world. Joker is lives in a mindless, immoral, chaotic world. He believes order amounts to nothing more than artificial constraints cowardly people impose on reality. He exists to expose the joke of our pseudo-orderly world. Putting the idea of existentialism we can say that joker is a existentialist because he devoted his self by killing or making chaos in the Gotham City he’s not abiding any rules he is fearless and reckless to the things he do he doesn’t care about the rules of the authorities also in Joker’s quote or according to what he says about killing people “killing is a chance” its his chance to kill people, it’s his happiness to create chaos to the city of Gotham and lastly, he finds his purpose by fighting batman over and over again. There was this part, Joker says “I think we are really meant to fight forever.” As well as the others characters. We can also consider Harvey as an existentialist because he puts his choice to the coin he always tosses. He is putting his chance to kill people to the coin, although Harvey is not really a bad guy in the first Harvey always puts his chances on his coin at the first place.

o Existential Nihilism
Rebellion without a cause, it was rebellion in the name of complete and total freedom. The freedom to do what is absolutely forbidden or not allowed. It was a drop downward into the experience that is not lasting. The experience of total destruction of something or someone completely. It was a murder and suicide not as virtuous and responsible rebellion but as acts of satanic disobey of command or law which can cause a chaos. Joker said that he will bomb a hospital if his target was not dead in time he give, it is a murder and suicide for the sake of crime. It was nihilism, the rebellion against all moral values, which is it is the right thing to do. The Jokercapturese the essence of this rebellious nihilism.

o Post Modernism
Joker doesn’t successful in his plan to invade the Gotham in crime and his trip but there is an impact on the citizen of Gotham the chaos he done. Someday someone will replace joker and it will more become devastating one, because Joker started it. Maybe it will start from the youth, such as the son of a commissioner who saw the reality, the people left because their family died and they kept revenge feeling to batman or after the chaos happened the Gotham City will be full of evil people.

o Phenomenology

The dark knight is about personal and social identity. How do I see me, how does the world see me and how Do I want the world to see me. It explores the concept of how right and wrong can be far more different to navigate than how one would expect.

In the film, Batman is still growing into his role of the cape crusader but he is also beginning to realize the consequences of being Batman. We see this in the beginning of the film when Batman interrupts a crime going down in a parking lot. When he crashes through a wall and over two cars with his Tumbler, he soon sees the criminals but also a group of an imitator, basement bargain Batman suits. These wannabes only want to help out but they are doing more harm than good. Here we see that desire to help isn’t the same as actually helping to solve a problem in the world. Desire is a great starting point but then must be grounded and thought through. At the point when joker touches base in Gotham. Batman soon observes that he is managing a radical new sort of villain. Joker is like a tornado, he is a destructive infection, unchangeable and all more upsetting he is erratic. We see this when he discussed how he got the scars all over his face, giving him a degree abnormal changes less grin. He is similarly a type of emblematic underhandedness that penetrates society. Joker always aware what he is doing and he always know what will happen. The joker is present so batman can exist and vice versa. He is responsible for Batman’s elevated strength during times of weakness

o Logic
As we observed in the movie, Jokers intention was not clearly said. He said that he wants to show the real identity of Batman, but Joker doesn’t mean that he will kill Batman. The entire second half of the film follows a logic that has absolutely nothing to do with symbolism. From a realistic perspective, the same goes for the scene where Batman gets his spine broken and the pretty much just walks it off. Does a few push-ups and decides that he doesn’t have a limp anymore. I thought that part was great but it’s also something that’s easy to laugh at, and how much it completely does away with the concept of believability. First, what I think is actually referring to, is both of their

belief, and understanding the movie isn’t actually normal fight between Batman and the Joker. And it also tries to show who’s way of thinking will end up being proven right. That being said, I believe that Batman is the immovable object and Joker is an unstoppable force.


The freedom and individual of the crowd or mass society
Fight against the people will do evil in Gotham City
He wants to ruin and invade Gotham City with Psychopath crime, bombing structure and creating chaos
The freedom and individual of the crowd or mass society

Spatial Issues
The movie has a mysterious and sadistic crimes happened that Joker’s did and it appears to us in our society. Nowadays, we’ve seen a lot of cruelty, war, corruption and any tragedies that we face in the presents. The violence in the Gotham City makes the people blame Batman and also in the government because they’re seeking the attention to be able to support all their needs, protection, solve their problems, corrupt officials and police, disobeying the rules that the citizens not have a unity. And the complicated relationship between Rachel, Harvey Dent and Batman w/c is related to our society today. The movie involves moral and ethical issues: Batman must choose to save the life of either his love, Rachel or fighting Harvey Dent. The issues of civil rights/privacy rights are integral to the resolution of the conflict, because it is the only way that the citizens of the Gotham City will have unity. The issue of Vigilantism vs. Legal Justice has raised these issue has lack of attention to the citizen. The issue of what really makes someone a hero is tossed about and the movie asks the question, is it worth it being good?

As Gordon plays the part of an Apostle as he stands in awe of the sacrifice, Batman explains, that he made himself as a hero for what Gotham needed to believe in good, and now Gotham needs him to be a villain for them to believe in Harvey. Batman and Harvey exchange their identities in the sense that Dent sees as the hero and batman will be the villain. Batman wants Gotham to believe for their own good that Dent was a hero, as this belief is what motivates his heroism. He explains that sometimes people need to be lied when the truth isn’t good enough. Batman runs off as the police chase after him, as if he were a common criminal. Concluded as slightly excessive and certainly corny final exchange, Gordon explains to his son his admiration for this hero. He refers to Batman as “the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs.” This is an opposite of what we see he say at Dent’s funeral, indicating that Dent is the hero needed, and Batman is the one deserved. He finally concludes that what Batman does is beyond heroism. Batman is the guardian who must be oppressed and outcast by those people he is defending. To be oppressed and an outcast is the price that Batman must pay for justice to be served. Harvey Dent could be an authentic hero and a White Knight. Batman, riding off on his Bat-Pod, is a Dark Knight.


The Dark Knight — A Philosophical Review


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