The Dangerous Almightiness of Nuclear Weapons In Science Fiction

An extract of “There Will Come to Soft Rains” written by Ray Bradbury on May 6th, 1950, is extracted from a science fiction short story that indicates the power of nuclear weapons. It is in some kind of way related to the “Terminator Salvation” movie poster that was posted in May 2009. Moreover, the poster shows high technology weapons which are related to the short story as both points out how powerful the technology can be, especially when used for war. It is basically a story about the horrendous results of the war that will impact humanity in its own ways.

For the most part, the story gives out horrors of the nuclear bombs, and the effect of these nuclear weapons and bombs upon the Earth, the lives of humans, and all their surroundings.

The main theme in “There will be soft rains” is the warning of nuclear weapons, and how deathly, damaging, and deconstructing it could be. As there are not only benefits to technology but also there are a couple of menaces to technological modernization.

This technological modernization, if used wrongly, could ruin a house of a family, and vanish their lives in a matter of seconds. Furthermore, the structure of the story is organized chronologically, as the author keeps on mentioning times such as “Ten o’clock” and “Ten-fifteen” which implicates the importance of the times of the day. The tone of the story is full of bluntness as if it is empty of emotion. It is very straightforward as it gives the point straightly as if the author lacks emotions while describing the burnt house and the tangible memories left in it.

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Along with the mood of the story, that is quiet and empty that gives the reader a feeling of suspense mentioning the radioactive glow in the city that has turned into ashes. Apart from this, the author is giving a message throughout the story, as the purpose of the story is to warn people from advanced nuclear empowerment.

At first, it is obvious that there is something wrong, something suspicious. It all becomes crystal clear that a terrible thing has happened, or frightening to be more precise. The author gives an image of the night at the city which gave a radioactive glow that implicates that there has been a nuclear weapon used, as it gave radiation afterward. While there is no direct explanation of what happened and not even a clue of the nonexistence of the family. The author mentions the silhouettes of a woman, a man, two children, and a thrown ball that are described as having been burnt into one side of the house, putting out that they were all burnt up at the exact same time by radiation from a nuclear weapon. In addition to that, the house is described as standing alone in the city, a city that is full of scattered rubble and ashes. The author uses imagery and describes the atmosphere in such details that it gives the reader a vivid image of it. Besides, the author uses personification in describing the house standing alone, as if it wants to continue performing its duty in being strongly built unaware that the family is gone. Just as “There will come soft rains” is very straightforward, so is the “Termination Salvation” as both have an indicator of nuclear weapon and deconstruction.

Briefly, humankind always looks up to future modernization and scientific technologies, as humans want to develop more and hold power in their own hands. Hence, there will be lots of damage. The way the author describes it in the story should be an alert to humans, to not use nuclear weapons for whatsoever and the story is frightening in a way, not only the story but also what the poster implicates.

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