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The Danger of Thrill Rides

Ever think of going to Disneyland? Looking through the magazines, newspapers, brochures and more, ending up to be severely injured by poor engineering of the ride that you went on, According to the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission have reported that there were 30,900 people injured by thrill rides in 2016 and they also have found out that there has been 22 fatalities since 2010, so try avoiding certain rides around America.

Thrill rides are more dangerous than they seem. Every year the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio accumulates over 4000 children hurt alone from thrill rides, 52 children have been reported to die from thrill rides between 1990 to 2004, comparing these deaths rates between rollercoasters and sharks deaths, It shows us that rollercoaster are more dangerous than sharks, as a typical shark attack year, under 50 people are attacked but this is nowhere near as much as 4000 children alone being hurt by thrill rides, to add to this 2 people are killed a year by sharks compared to the 52 deaths.

Which makes roller coasters one of the most enjoyable forms of interactive entertainment but is one of the most dangerous.

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Studies shown by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA). That over 1200 people were injured alone on rides at 400 different American amusement parks in 2011, but over half of the parks actually responded, so the minority gave incomplete data which can mean that there were at least more than 1200 people hurt in 2011. The statistics prove that thrill rides are more dangerous than sharks.

One of the most brutal thrill rides in America.

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The Coney Cyclone. This ride has claimed over 10 lives and you think it would be closed right? Wrong it is still open to this day, One of the most horrifying accidents in then the brutal ride snapped an innocent person’s neck and continue to claim more innocent lives, another incident is then the cart left the tracks, precisely that sent three people plummeting towards their pitiful death. This is the most infamous thrill ride in the whole of America, go on it if you dare.

Most fatal accidents. The Big Dipper. It was May 30th 1972. The tail car came off the rails upon a turn and “crumpled” which the two other cars crushed the tail car by sitting on top of it and proceeding to brutally kill 5 defenceless children and severally injuring 13 others. The operators son, John Collins had something to say a “combination of malfunctions which shouldn’t have happened” the innocent individuals that experienced the fatal incident have gained endless mental distress as a result of the gruesome scene. Another dangerous thrill ride is The indoor Mindbender coaster. It was June 14th 1986. The accident hurled three people with tremendous speed to their death and sent another 19 others to the hospital with severe injuries, one person survived in the last carriage but had to go through life all over again. The company have redesigned, repainted and reopened months later and still run to this day, think twice before going on it. Finally, ever thought that kid’s rides were deadly? No, wrong, A three-year-old child named Jayson Dansby was killed by the Go Bananas ride in Norridge, Illinois, The young child wiggled out of the restraints and proceeded to stand out which resulted in him losing his balance and falling straight towards his death, by being squished between moving cars. The parents of the child witnessed all of the events that took place and the center’s owner was the one that was fined for not having maintenance reports at the time for the investigation of the incident. Are you wanting to be the next victim of these roller coasters?

Health is affected on thrill rides. Do you ever have that weird feeling than you go up a hill in a car and go downhill immediately after, some say butterflies in your stomach as it tickles, some hate it, some love it. And some don’t mind it. According to doctors you experience this feeling because intestines move around, this is the feeling of free-falling that we get or make us sick from nausea also with liquid in organs moving. The sinking feeling or some would say free-falling feeling that you get is one of the worst feelings to get from thrill rides.Thrill rides might be enjoyable but slowly putting yourself at risk.

The other side of roller coasters being dangerous, is that they are harmless in any shape or form, but is that so? A pair of scientists conducted a study on thrill rides show that there is no health risk associated with roller coaster, they conducted these studies for Six Flags by the American Association of Neurological Surgeons, the studies show that the G-force felt from monstrous thrill rides are no greater than a sneeze or play swing stated by the study so this makes roller coasters safe and enjoyable. But there has been multiple studies which have actually documented brain bleeding which can make a reduction in blood supply to the brain which can cause brain damage short or long term so the monstrous thrill rides can cause permanent damage, of course but you wouldn’t get this from a kids ride but they can still be dangerous if people are not careful.

So next time you go on a holiday to America remember these rides as there the ones you should avoid as poor engineering may claim your life.

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