The Dance Essay

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The Dance

With just two weeks remaining, the summer break was fast approaching and Joe was very excited since his family has a tradition of going to the beach for a vacation. What made him more excited was that they would be going to a new place where it is very exotic and rituals were being performed by the locals as a form of celebration. However, his excitement was mixed with nervousness since, before the summer break, their instructor in his dancing class required them to perform in a recital.

The dance assigned to him was a Latin dance, which meant that he was required to have a partner. He was then teamed by the instructor to Maria. Maria is a good looking girl and is one of the best dancers in the class. This further fuelled his nervousness since Joe was a shy guy. But Joe was determined to make a good performance since he viewed his vacation as the reward for his performance. But still, it was not a good start for the duo since Joe was too shy and doesn’t know how to properly approach Maria.

Their first day in practice was full of flop and they couldn’t make a fluid arrangement for the melody they would dance to. They retired early from practice and opt to have a getting-to-know-each-other moment to be able to eradicate their uneasiness towards each other. They went to the park and sat by the lake. At first, Joe was still uneasy and this was evident from his manner of throwing stones to the lake. Maria made the first move by asking Joe questions and Joe answered back; the conversation went smoothly and the uneasiness was eventually gone.

The next day was a new start for the duo. The next day was a success since they were able to make the final arrangement for the melody. They were also able to draft their routine and the following days were just spent on practicing and refining their steps. Since they need a wider space to practice on, they spent their vacant hours practicing their routine at the village square. This was also able to boost their confidence since some people are watching them in their practice.

However, at night, they practiced at the garage at Joe’s house since it was much safer there. Days passed and the time of the recital is fast approaching. They were forced to stay much later to practice their routine and there are nights when Maria had to sleep at Joe’s house since it is dangerous to go out at night. It was just alright since Joe’s parents were in good terms with Maria. The extra time they used for practice paid off since they were able to perfect the routine. The development of their friendship also came with the development of their dance.

The once two strangers were now good friends and they would even joke to each other the estrangement they once felt with each other. Just before the recital day, Joe was looking through the boxes of old clothes in their garage in search for something to wear for the event. He even used stools to reach the old boxes at the top of the cabinets. One of the boxes accidentally dropped and when he was cleaning it up, he saw the lottery ticket his was father was looking for the night before. It was a winning ticket, though it just won a consolation price.

He was also able to find a good outfit that he could use for the recital. The recital day came, and the partners were nervously in line at the back stage. They were even holding hands to comfort each other. They have mixed emotions since the time they have been preparing for had already come. However, while at the back stage, some of his classmates were talking gossips about him and Maria since they learned about the overnight stay of Maria at Joe’s house. This infuriated Maria since she assumed that Joe was responsible for the spreading of that information.

Maria ran and Joe was on her tail. Joe explained to her that he had nothing to do with the gossips and it could have been from the neighbors. It took time before Maria calmed down, and she eventually believed Joe’s sincerity. They went back to the building just in time for their number. They performed at their best and the instructor was amazed with their chemistry. The days of sacrifice and hardwork paid off and the duo was able to get an excellent mark for their performance, the highest in the whole class.

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