The Customer’s Revenge Essay

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The Customer’s Revenge

There is no better way to solve this kind of problems, than to look from the consumers’ perspective. Almost everybody has been in such a position once in their life, waiting and long talks on the phone with the service center with at the end zero result. A lot of people say: the customer is always right; you should treat each with care. This sounds very reasonable, but is it too hard to manage? It is a fact that how bigger the institution gets, the greater diverse costs will be and therefore the greater the risk to fail. A big company can lose more compared to a small company. That’s why a big institution should handle careful. The problem in this case is that there are dissatisfied customers. How can we make sure that these customers won’t take away your (future) customers? And which customers are just naggers or really worth listening to?

Advertising is a well-known way to communicate with the (potential) customers. Another way to get more publicity as a company is Word of Mouth. This type of marketing is the most fast and cheapest way to attract more customers (unless it is not negative Word of Mouth). Happy customer results in positive Word of Mouth. This makes a good Customer Relationship Management system important in an institution. In every company there are customers who are dissatisfied. This is off course possible, because you as a company can’t fulfill everybody’s wishes and desires. It is important how you treat this dissatisfaction. If you as a company give bad customer service, it can lead to angry customers. Negative Word of Mouth is the least thing you want. Word of Mouth can especially be spread fast by customers who has a big influence in the society (for example celebrities, reviewers etc). Atida can maybe order its type of customers to know which customers can either break them or make them real quick.

It cost a lot of time to assemble information of the customers, but this information is helpful for the duration of the individual consumer cycle. It also shows that Atida cares about its customers. The same can be done with the type of complaints. The call-center workers can order the type of dissatisfaction, so the company has a clear picture what they could do better. The CEO could then focus on the main problems and try to improve the business. A reason for outsourcing the call-center department to another company in Bangalore is to reduce costs and call-waiting times. Also they wanted to standardize and streamline the customer service. When you outsource a part of your company, you must be sure that they are doing a good job. When they are not, the name of the company itself will be dragged down.

Therefore, it is very important that everybody who owns a position in Atida, should also be representative. A good way to do this is to give training to the workers in Bangalore. Those training can teach them how to deal properly with customers who are dissatisfied. Another option is to get the call center department back to Atida’s headquarter. The costs for the training should be compared to the difference of labor costs. Concluded, it is important that Atida provide good customer service. The customers are the ones you want to please and therefore are important to listen to.

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