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The current measure attempts to address the lack of healthy

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The current measure attempts to address the lack of healthy lifestyle amongst youths. Weight-management programmes in school is one of the current measure. By having adults in roles of authority – teachers present, there was a pushing factor present that motivated students to endeavour to perform their best at the physical tasks at hand. However, these programmes typically occur once a week for approximately 45 minutes. Hence, the overall effectiveness in this 45 minutes weight program in combating 7 days worth of unhealthy eating was minimal.

Furthermore, some students would skip these sessions or come late using the excuse of “I’ve forgotten”or “I’ve slept in”.

Followingly, the next measure would be that the stallholders in school canteens have been encouraged to use healthier ingredients, and drinks have to meet the Health Promotion Board’s (HPB’s) reduced-sugar requirement to deal with youths’ consumption of unhealthy food and drinks rich in sugar which led to youth gaining weight rapidly.(POLLS/SURVEYS ON THE EFFECTIVENESS OF THIS CURRENT MEASURE)Due to Singaporean’s culture of being firmly rooted in eating outside instead of home food, the number of students eating from school vendors did not change despite food being made healthier.

This resulted in the food being consumed in entire schools becoming healthier practically overnight. Hence, youth were consuming healthier food, at least in schools.However, the changes made to the food and drinks were very minimal with the idea of satisfying HPB’s requirement without sacrificing taste in mind. Hence, the impact of these ‘healthier’ alternatives on the students health was not very significant and not very effective.

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Additionally,the “Healthy 365” health promotion board app is another measure implemented by the government. It also includes a “healthy challenge” to attract more people to embark on a healthier lifestyle with incentives to motivate them. Since individuals are unable to control how much they eat(greed + gluttony) as well as not being aware of how unhealthy their food is. This app is effective as it has a slew of features that targets this problem.Firstly, there are ?Health Challenges that comes with rewards. Secondly, a Diet tracking journal with access to over 1,000 local food and drinks database, capturing calories and nutritional information, emphasising to the users exactly how much in excess and/or how unhealthy their food choice is. Thirdly, history charts to keep records of your past steps count, active time and distance covered, calorie intake and output, and weight. Fourthly, nearby listing and map views on HPB health events, healthier eateries,exercise facilities and routes in your vicinity. Lastly, it is also compatible with HPB fitness tracker, S Health mobile app (Steps only) and Samsung devices, Actxa mobile app and devices (Heart-rate syncing coming soon), HealthKit mobile app, Fitbit and in-device motion trackers, Polar mobile app and Garmin mobile app, making it all the more convenient for users. Nevertheless, some users reviewed that the “healthy 365” application provides inaccurate data and does not function properly which causes people to lose interest in the challenge and thus becoming less motivated in staying healthy.

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