The Current Legislation Essay

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The Current Legislation

1.1: Identify the current legislation and codes of practice relevant to the promotion of equality and valuing of diversity.

In every school, they will have a set of policies which will put in place in order to set out the procedures and guidelines in order to ensure that equality is within the school. These policies are extremely important within a school as this will allow all staff and students to understand the importance of equality and so that they take into account rights off all different individual and different groups within in the school for example religion. These policies will work to in ensure inclusion and equality and not only cover teaching and learning within a classroom but with all different other needs, such as aspects of school life.

It can be seen as an important part of a role to have an understanding on the relevant legislations and the purpose these have been set into place. This will enable you to have a greater knowledge into your role and the responsibility of actually following these legislations and policies. Through having an understanding on these roles, it will also give you a greater knowledge on legal duties of the school.

Legislations are put in place on purpose to support different factors. Here are a list of a range of different legislations, which form a basis of government statutory codes of practice and frameworks and school policies and procedures relating to equal opportunity and inclusive practice.

Equality act 2010: This new act sets out legal duty of all public bodies to provide equality and opportunity for all people.

Special educational needs and disability act 2001: This act makes it impossible and unlawful for any educational provider to discriminate against pupils with special educational needs or a disability.

Human rights act 1998: This act ensures that every individual has right to take legal action of their right have been affected.

Education act 1996: The purpose of this act is that schools have responsibilities towards children with special educational needs and it is required from them to provide additional resources, equipment and support to meet their needs.

Children act 1989: the purpose of this act is the duty of local authorities, including schools to provide services according to the needs of children and to ensure their safety and wellbeing.

Children act 2004: sets out the legal duty to provide effective and accessible services for all children and underpins the 5 every child matters outcomes.

Disability discrimination act 1995: this act protects the rights off all those people who have disabilities. It places legal duty on schools as well as any other organisation, to eliminate barriers to ensure that all disable people can gain equal access to services provided. Disability discrimination act 2005: the purpose of this act is to ensure every school has to produce a disability equality scheme and an access plan. It is about every school having a plan on how to accommodate children with disabilities as well as parents who have the same. Race relations act 2000 (amendment): all organisations have to promote good relationships between people from all different races.

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