The current and also the future patterns in the UK Essay

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The current and also the future patterns in the UK

For this criterion I will discuss the current and also the future patterns in the UK.I will also discuss who is going to be affected by the new changes and will provide statistics to support my answer which is also going to discuss the inequalities of health. There are many factors which affect the health of the public who are in the United Kingdom. However the UK has become a better place to live in compared to living here in the 19 or 2oth century. The main disadvantage is always due to social class.

This is because if a person is in a higher class they are able to have the best things and highest quality of care in order to make sure they have the best health. However if someone is from a lower social class they are more likely to spend wisely and think about what they are spending their money and how they are spending money. Usually people in lower class donât always live in the best areas and they live in overcrowded, polluted areas which can also affect their There are many factors that are likely to influence current health and could carry on influencing patterns of health in the UK. Some of the factors that could this are:

* Socio-economic * Environmental * Genetic * Lifestyle

Socio-economic Factors There are many socio-economic factors that are likely to influence current health. If people are living in poor housing conditions which could mean that their health might not be so good, they could be given housing benefits to improve the conditions. If the area where you are living, the environment might not be very good, like the waste management could be bad.

To stop this from happening, all the waste management could be recycled. In the urban areas, there will be easy access to health services; although this is a good thing, there can be a lot of pollution as there will be a lot of transport in the area. Whereas in rural areas, the area would be quite but you will not have easy access to health services. This would mean that if you are not well or needed to see a doctor, then you would have to go to a town to the doctors which would far away and expensive. To make it easier for people not to travel all the way to town to go to the doctors, they could provide doctors surgery in the rural area or could have a doctor that would be around the area all the time, like the district nurse.

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