The Culture in Complex Organisations Essay

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The Culture in Complex Organisations

I am currently working with the eating disorder inpatient unit. The unit have got six inpatients and four day patients who come every morning and leave the unit after supper. The unit utilises a shift pattern which I had to follow. My morning shift starts at 0700 hours to 1500 hours and my afternoon one starts at 1300 hours to 2130 hours. The night shift starts at 2100 hours to 0730 hours in the morning. There are rituals and routines that bind the unit. Hand-over is one of them it is given at the beginning of each shift (Hoban 2003).

I analyzed the benefit of handover is to support communication between nurses and other healthcare professionals about the patient’s health, care plan and progress (Johnson et al 2009). The challenges I analyzed is staff can be uncertain about how to involve the patient, the role of carers and family members, how to share sensitive information, what not to discuss in front of the patient, and how to protect patient privacy(Anderson 2006). The risk assessment and the medication regime is one of the routines preformed on a daily basis.

According to NICE guide lines assessment of people with eating disorders should be comprehensive and include physical, psychological and social needs, and a comprehensive assessment of risk to self. I found that this help the level of risk to the patient’s mental and physical health when under treatment progresses. This will also help the health professional to see if the treatment has effect on the patients. I also analyzed that by taking medications it help to control urges to binge or purge or to manage excessive preoccupations with food and diet.

The disadvantage I analyzed in this unit was their is no medication specifically designed to treat binge-eating disorder, it has to be combined with psychotherapy (Nice 2010) This bring the control system I came across was the baget on the unit. The therapy has got limited sessions with patient. This is a disadvantage to the patient because if there session is coming to an end and the patient is still unwell the patients can relapse (NHS 2004).

The unit held meeting every Wednesday this is called Patient Program review The (PPR) meeting is attended by different professionals who attend to discuss to progress of the patients. I have been involved in a number of these meetings. My analysis of the control systems which were put in place is to maximise the benefits of the feedback from patients and colleagues from the various medical fraternities. I have listened to the feedback from patients and I have worked as part of a team to come up with suggestions on alternatives to the food and medications in case.

This has helped me in learning how to disseminate information to the patients involved and to apply person centred care( C Rogers ) There are control mechanisms, procedures and protocols to be followed if there are any grievances, be it from a staff member or a patient(Law and Policy in Mental Health 2010). This ensures that the grapevine culture effects are limited if not eliminated. The control systems are fundamental to the governance of the unit and emphasises that nurses have a responsibility to their patients of providing a safe, competent and ethical nursing care (NHS 2004).

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