The cry of humanity Essay

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The cry of humanity

Many people often cry for this word in some parts of their lives. People express their craving for this entity in different manners such that protests and silent rebellion can be counted as examples of expression of the desire in attaining freedom. People may seem to be so vulnerable when it comes to freedom that they tend to freak out whenever their freedom is being suppressed by other people, say parents or government leaders. I, being a member of the human society also cry for this at times.

I am pleading to have my allowance be increased during my high school days and I do not want anyone to hinder my joy in my party life with my friends. Moreover, I want to have my own kitchen and my room so I am free of making my own sandwich with no one to share and ask “for the nth time around, why are you still eating? ” Freedom for me is act of being free to do things whether it is good or bad. Freedom only differs with the words that are tagged to it say for academic freedom, spiritual freedom and political freedom.

Academic freedom is something that can be related with the right of every child to be sent to school and receive the essential information about life and sciences. Nowadays, technology is in its boost however, many people especially the youth are not receiving it due to poverty and some terrorism attacks in their country. Political freedom on the other hand, is the appropriateness of the rights and privileges received by each member of the society. When girls are not allowed or permitted to enter politics due to the patriarchal norms of the country, she is experiencing political depression.

Spiritual freedom goes with the ability of every person to express their faith without persecution and judgment from others. It is the moment of freely obeying what is in ones doctrines with the practices of a religion or a sect. Faith: An Expression of Freedom From the time of Moses, when the Israelites are still slaves by the Pharaoh Ramesis, they are not able to see the reality that there is a true God aside from the statues and walls of the pyramids or palaces. They were just given the idea that gods can transform stick into snakes but not with some interventions like setting them completely free.

Moses actually had doubts the first time he has been called by God at the burning bush and had Aaron to talk for him, as it was commanded by the One who talked to Moses. It was when they believed that there is a far better life than serving the Egyptians. They were able to escape them through the guidance of God hence they were able to head for the Promised Land that is full of flowing milk and honey: that is Canaan, for instance. Christianity is one of the most populated religions in the world. Apparently, most of the societies follow by the practices and the traditions of the said religion.

They perceive men would be the best leaders for the society thus sometimes giving no chance for women who have potentials also in leading the church. I now of a church that do not give an account in letting their women preach for they believe in the abilities of men. Society has been a part of molding the beliefs of every people in the world. Since it is composed of many different parts like norms, values and ethics, one may not be so shocked that people really have different point of views on things.

Luckily, there are passionate people that give time in studying them. Freedom in choosing a religion is more prevalent during our time since there were already people who fought for it during the early 15th to 17th century. The battle of being recognized as people with strong and distinguished faith is not a problem anymore. There may be different religions that can be seen else where like Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist and Muslims, but we are lucky enough to have the chance to choose the religion that suits our lifestyle.

Perhaps will not be our passes to eternal life, but it is our faith that separates us from others and with that, we will be living with those standards as long as we are alive. Speaking our freedom Mass media is a source of information that gives us the idea of the current events in our country. Whether news pertains to celebrities or politicians or calamities, the existence of the developed broadcasting or journalism is a big help in easing some of our life’s problems.

During some points in the martial law, and dictatorial presidency or leadership of some leaders in the world, the news and public affairs of those were put into a shut, giving no opportunities for them to report the true and correct occurrences in their country. Those people who will rebelliously report the anomaly will be soon in the death bed with a bullet on their head or chest part. Ellis obviously gave his points of view regarding this matter. He cited some examples that can give us the idea of what freedom of speech is.

The presentation of ideas were detailed hence it gave me the feeling that media should not be oppressed for telling the truth. It should be fought for instances of government abuse. Freedom of speech doesn’t only occur on the broadcasting part of the society but also in the inner communities wherein the normal people lives. It is the way people express their ideas with no hesitations and no other people that would tell them what to do. It does not necessarily mean going with the opposite flow of the norms but rather, it is an opportunity to bring more treasures in the mind bank of every civilizations.

For sure, there are many beliefs that are outdated and can not be applied to the present situation of the world. With that, presentation of ideas is necessary to solve some of the troubles at a certain time. Ideas are best presented with no hesitations, but I agree that it is a healthy way of enriching a body’s mind through some exchange of ideas that can actually get into a conclusion that resolves the case yet, both parties had their own time for shining, explaining their point of views.

Questioning may be a good sign of comprehension thus signifies the impact of the thing that we are after. Freedom for both As many people have argued and died for religion and freedom of expression, we must note that we are fortunate that we were born in an era where we no longer have to battle with guns and swords for it like the gladiators and the cowboys before. Having them establish at this point will b\make it much more easier for us to choose what is right rather than seeking for it or founding a new one.

Both religion and speech are parts of our lives that our essential in our beings. Religion, as we all know has the idea of god or gods that direct our path to what we think is right. It may show us the best way to do things in their right place and time. While speech is a channel of ourselves that help us be known by others. It is very important that we are able to fight for them thus our rights for living may not be suppressed also. There may be instances that people will contradict what we believe in but it is very important that we truly know what we are standing and living for. Life is a matter of believing and striving for some realizations.


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