The Crucible Questions and Answers

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1. The key to maintaining a safe and orderly society was to go to church and stay on the path of God. The government they established was Puritan Theocracy.

2. The community’s structure and philosophies led to its falling apart because

3. Reverend Paris is trying to figure out what happened the night in the woods and wants to know if Tituba was talking to the devil and performing witchcraft. Abigail immediately responds saying that no one was performing witchcraft.

4. Paris suspects Abigail may be hiding something because every time she is asked a question, she cannot give a straight answer.

Yes, she would be as suspicious because no matter who it is he wants the witchcraft to stop.

5. Putnam wanted Abigail dismissed as the Proctors’ servant because he believed that she was practicing witchcraft and was then lying about it.

6. There is an internal conflict between Proctor and Abigail when he sees her again because he thinks it was her who was practicing witchcraft in the woods.

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7. Miller says he compares communists to the alleged witches of Salem.

7. I do not agree with Miller’s analogy because I don’t think its fair to stereotype communists as witches based on what they believe and practice.

9. The characters that enter and exit the room where Betty Parris lies are Mr. and Mrs. Putnam, Paris, Giles Corey, and Rebecca. Most of these characters motives are to try and figure out what happened that night in the woods and try and figure out who was practicing witchcraft.

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10. Pure motives: Rebecca, Hale, Self-serving motives: Abigail, Tituba, Proctor Both descriptions: Paris

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The Crucible Questions and Answers

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