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The Crucible

John Proctor as a Tragic Hero in The Crucible
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Ice T once stated, “I think everybody wants to redeem themselves after they’ve done something that might be considered negative. I don’t think anyone wants to go to the grave negative.” In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the town of Salem is in a crisis due to the accusations of witchcraft. One of the accused is John Proctor, who is a strong and noble farmer. In Arthur Miller’s drama, The Crucible, John Proctor is portrayed as a character…...
Who is the Tragic Hero in The Crucible?
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Pages • 5
This essay will describe in-depth how John Proctor was a tragic hero in his time and place of the story The “crucible,” by Arthur Miller. In the story, we see that Proctor is very stern and stands up for his beliefs. In the story Proctor says “ They think to go like saints. I like not to spoil their names.” (130) This shows that proctor even though in a struggle keeps true to his word and does not ruin anybody\'s…...
John Proctor – a Tragic Hero in The Crucible
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A tragic hero is a character whose imperfection or slip-up, at last, prompts their defeat. In Arthur Miller's play The Crucible, the community of Salem is drenched in an emergency because of the allegations of witchcraft. One of the charges is John Proctor, a solid and good farmer. John Proctor meets the meaning of a tragic hero because of the affair with Abigail and his pride, however, redemption teaches him a lesson at the end of the play. The affair…...
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John Proctor Character Analysis in The Crucible
Words • 518
Pages • 2
In The Crucible by Arthur Miller, John Proctor is the main character. He is the tragic hero of the story with his one defect being his pride. John Proctor’s defect was his pride. This in turn created scenarios that were unpredictable and unfortunate. Shockingly, Proctor is accused of a crime he did not commit. Proctor’s life had been turned upside down when Abigail Williams, a girl who had feelings for Proctor, tried to blame his cherished ones. John Proctor's imperfection…...
The Crucible – Who Is To Blame
Words • 1136
Pages • 5
The Crucible is a play created by American playwright Arthur Miller in 1953. Throughout the play, we understand the characters’ past relationship. On the one hand, the narrator described the specific dissatisfaction and differences between the characters and deepened our understanding of why they were eager to blame each other. On the other hand, in infidelity and controversy, we also feel the beauty and tolerance of human nature. As the story continues to develop, the theme of the article becomes…...
Justice and Injustice Within “The Crucible”
Words • 1287
Pages • 5
Justice and injustice. Two concepts that have been important to our society for centuries. America was founded on the injustices the colonists were facing by the British government. Even now, justice and injustice have become important points of contention in contemporary history. Many groups have differing opinions on what justice is and isn’t. This also applies to injustice. When dissecting and deconstructing “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller, the question arises. As an allegory for how Miller was mistreated by HUAC,…...
How John Proctor’s Character Shapes The Crucible
Words • 617
Pages • 3
Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible” takes place during the 16th century amidst the witchcraft hysteria in Massachusetts. At this point in history, a person’s reputation was very important to all members of society. A respectable reputation typically centered around being a good Christian, working hard, and being loyal and caring. Because a person’s reputation was so important, they would go to great lengths to protect that reputation. For an individual to intentionally destroy his reputation is an immense sacrifice. John Proctor,…...
Elizabeth Proctor Character Analysis in The Crucible
Words • 782
Pages • 3
Firstly, the impression I get from Elizabeth is that she is not feeling good with her husband John Proctor, she is annoyed with him, however, she knows something is going to happen if this happens there will be friction between them and she doesn’t want friction with her husband. Helplessly she can’t do anything about it even the stage directions in the book show “she doesn’t want friction and yet she must” right before she speaks. That shows she doesn’t…...
Exploring the Politics of Fear: The Crucible
Words • 489
Pages • 2
Arthur Miller compares John Proctor (a character in the crucible) to himself, which allows the reader to be able to relate and understand the similar experiences they had both faced. “The Crucible” shows how hard it was against corruption involving the court, which ended up leading to the death of very many individuals that should’ve been and were innocent in Salem. In “The Crucible” the play creates an allegory for Miller’s struggles with McCarthyism because of the similar experience he…...
The Crucible
Words • 779
Pages • 3
In "The Crucible", Miller expresses the idea that fear, especially the fear of death, is something very powerful, so powerful that it can prompt people to act immorally, for example lying and accusing others; however, the fear of God is a good type of fear and prompts people to behave morally. This idea is demonstrated through the actions and speeches of a number of characters, including Tituba, Mary and Rebecca. Tituba is a good and innocent person in the beginning…...
The Crucible & Miller
Words • 574
Pages • 3
Despite the affair that John has carried out, Elizabeth remains calm. The audience know this because Elizabeth's responses are equable, when John asks, "Are you well today? " and she replies, "Aye. ", this shows that Elizabeth is calm because she is hurt and angry inside, but she still talks to John in a calm and peaceful way. One reason for Elizabeth to remain calm is that she does not want to cause friction between herself and John. In these…...
Analytical Essay The Crucible Assignment
Words • 1302
Pages • 5
  They walk the cold and misty streets and you can hear sound of dogs barking in the background, brass instruments begin to play you can feel the excitement building as each note is quickened. The whispers gradually disappear and the giggling slowly seeps in, the giggles begin to get louder as the music steadily speeds up with each note that is forced out. The tension builds as the girls run through the woods you wonder what's happening, where are…...
Social Breakdown In The Crucible Analysis Essay
Words • 449
Pages • 2
Danforth's utter naivety and complete lack of ability to see what is really happening becomes more apparent and increases our frustration with him throughout the scene. For instance, when Elizabeth Proctor is questioned, it is obvious to Hale what has happened; Elizabeth has lied to save her husband. Danforth cannot see this - he says, with apparent conviction, "She spoke nothing of lechery, and this man has lied! " This shows that he is also rather biased, whether it is…...
The last moments of The Crucible
Words • 605
Pages • 3
Arthur Miller wrote 'The Crucible' to compare the injustice of America in 1950's to the witchcraft in Salem in the 1960's. In 1950's people were accused of being communists, which was seen as a threat to the capitalist world of America. In Salem innocent men and women were put into jails. They were accused of witchcraft. The only alternative for the people were to confess of trafficking with the devil even if the accusations were not true. Otherwise, their fate…...
“The Crucible” by Artur Miller
Words • 1217
Pages • 5
Cheever goes out to fetch Abigail The audience is left in suspense through the short, ascending in volume conversation while Cheever goes out to fetch Abigail. As the audience know how much power Abigail has they are waiting to see whether Mary Warren will still stick to what she is saying or cower under her power. Tension is increased when Hathorne asks Mary to faint, if it were only pretence. Mary Warren is obviously not able to faint as she is…...
Discuss the appeal of ‘The Crucible’ to its audience
Words • 1480
Pages • 6
The use of archaic lexis by characters in their dialogue is another manner in which Miller endeavours to create a 17th century environment. As Act One terminates, Betty (the young girl who fell ill as the play commenced) immediately accuses neighbourhood citizens of dancing with the Devil after she has woken from her slumber: I saw George Jacobs with the Devil! I saw Goody Howe with the Devil! (Act One p39) The word 'Goody' used in her speech translates to…...
‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller
Words • 1850
Pages • 7
Hale soon realises that none of what Abigail has said is true and he, John Proctor and some other men from the village go to the court and try to convince the judges, John even comes clean about his affair with Abigail calling her a 'Whore. ' However Abigail gets around that and gets them arrested. Anyone who upsets Abigail pays for it. Nevertheless, Abigail runs away to Boston with all her uncles' money, in fear of being found out,…...
The Significance of the Title in ‘The Crucible’
Words • 1815
Pages • 7
What is the significance of the title in The Crucible? The title of The Crucible effectively helps us to understand the play in a deeper and more thorough way as the definitions of the noun ‘crucible’ reflects the themes of the play such as moral, reputation, courage, righteousness, hysteria and truth. It also foreshadows the severe and unjust persecution of the upright characters who hold on to their beliefs and moral values, as the word ‘crucible’ comes from the Latin…...
The play ‘The Crucible’
Words • 767
Pages • 3
Introduction The title of the play 'The Crucible' is significantly represented through key events that occur during the Salem Tragedy. Arthur Miller clearly uses both meanings of a crucible to great effect. A crucible is an earthenware pot that uses high temperature and pressure to heat metals. This process is used to remove impurities leaving only the pure matter. A crucible is also a severe trial or test. Throughout the play, it becomes quite apparent through Miller's style of writing…...
“The Crucible”: Integrity Theme
Words • 581
Pages • 3
This paper reviews "The Crucible" by focusing on the definition of integrity "The Crucible" The definition of integrity according to Webster's Dictionary is, "a rigid adherence to a code of behavior." There are though many ways to look at a persons integrity. A person with integrity possesses many qualities. Three of these qualities are honesty, the ability to follow a moral code, and loyalty to yourself and your beliefs. In The Crucible, a prime example of a person with integrity…...
The Crucible – summary
Words • 697
Pages • 3
Danforth's attitude of self-superiority is noticed here when he gets angry with Giles and asks 'Do you take it upon yourself to determine what this court shall believe and what it shall set aside? ' This is ironic; Danforth is mocking Giles for thinking that one man can change what the court thinks. However, the reality is that Danforth's opinion is the only one that matters. He also reminds Giles that 'this is the highest court of the supreme government…...
The Crucible Essay
Words • 1549
Pages • 6
As we progress through the session, brought in front of the audience is Abigail Williams, previous of Proctor's family and John Proctor a farmer in his 'middle thirties'. The author describes Proctor as a 'man-powerful of body, even tempered, and not easily led' and that 'In Proctor's presence a fool felt his foolishness instantly', from this we recognize why he did not seem very convinced that 'the Devil' had any hand in this act of 'witchcraft'. In this area of…...
The Crucible and the Mice of Men
Words • 2045
Pages • 8
The Crucible and Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck’s novel, Of Mice and Men, and Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, both have similarities and differences that appear through the history of the United States, prejudice, and also through the themes. Of Mice and Men and The Crucible, share the similarity of teaching the history of the United States throughout the pieces. In the novel, Of Mice and Men, the reader will be able to learn the history of the United…...
Dramatic Irony In The Crucible
Words • 374
Pages • 2
Miller also employs a fairly generous helping of dramatic irony, for example, when the audience knows that Proctor has admitted to lechery, but Elizabeth doesn't. This creates frustration, helplessness and disappointment in the audience, which, on the contrary, makes the play more enjoyable and memorable, because the audience is drawn into the action. Another possible instance of dramatic irony is the setting of the play: we are told at the start of the play that we are "in the spring…...
The Crucible: Setting and Themes
Words • 658
Pages • 3
The play The Crucible is set in Salem Massachusetts in the year 1692. The play is about a religious community persecuting innocent people under false pretences due to extreme paranoia. At the time Arthur Miller wrote the play it was during the period McCarthyism was occurring in America. This was when people were accused of being communist and in turn were hunted. Arthur Miller lived through the McCarthyism era and could not speak against it; otherwise he would have been…...
The Crucible Fear Essay
Words • 919
Pages • 4
This paper provides an analysis of the play, focusing on the responsibility of the Salem community for the tragedy that unfolds.THE CRUCIBLE Although Abigail and the girls initiate the tragedy, responsibility lies with the whole Salem community. Discuss. I do believe that Abigail and the girls initiated the tragedy, what with all their talk about spirits and the conjurance with the devil during the opening act. For one reason or another, it can be said that the blame for this…...
A review of “The Crucible”
Words • 656
Pages • 3
Throughout The Crucible we are introduced to and follow four or five important characters that Arthur Miller elaborated upon. One of those characters is Reverend Samuel Parris, a bitter minister who came to Salem for unclear reasons. That reason may have been he was looking for a small town to control, maybe he was trying to escape something or someone, or he may have just wanted a fresh, clean start; whatever that reason was it is for sure he had…...
Liberate Elizabeth – The Crucible
Words • 1816
Pages • 7
In court, Mary Warren gives in to Abigail and refuses to witness for John and Elizabeth as she starts to pretend to be witched by Mary. Trapped, the only way Mary would get out of Abigail's trick was turning the accusations to Proctor. 'You're the Devil's man! ' (Mary Warren, Act Three) As the girls were just making the situation more complicated for Proctor, he realises that the only way to liberate Elizabeth is to confess his sin of adultery…...
The Crucible by Arthur Miller Analysis
Words • 955
Pages • 4
The juxtaposition between tension and relief is present throughout most of Act 3 e.g. as questions may raise awareness and the answers may release relief: A roaring goes up from the people HATHORNE'S VOICE Arrest him, Excellency! GILES' VOICE I have evidence. Why will you not hear my evidence? Since this roaring has become more of a silence to hear what Giles may have to say about his evidence shows the comparison of the courtroom being aggressive (tension) to a calmer yet concentrated atmosphere…...
John Proctor from the Crucible
Words • 857
Pages • 4
When a man is confronted by evil, fear, and injustice he will show the hero that he really is or run away like a faceless coward. Throughout the story there are many ways to characterize John Proctor. The three biggest are his selfishness; that was discovered in the beginning of the story, his internal conflicts; which lasted through the middle of the story all the way to nearly the end of the story, and his selflessness; which emerged in the…...
‘The Crucible’ – John Proctor
Words • 1028
Pages • 4
HALE: You most certainly do, and you will free her from it now! " In this instance Tituba cannot resist because she is merely a slave and Hale is her superior. We, free from the restraints of society as they knew it, can stand back and see the injustice that is so prevalent in Salem. In this sense we share a viewpoint with John Proctor. He, in his isolation from society, can see conservative Salem with all its travesties quite…...
‘The Crucible’ the Play by Arthur Miller
Words • 639
Pages • 3
Arthur Miller uses the interaction of the characters to create tension by showing the strain on John Proctor and Elizabeth's relationship. Arthur Miller describes John as 'another man', he is 'filthy, his eyes misty as though webs had overgrown them', quite contrary to when John Proctor is first introduced in act one. The audience can feel the tension by his change of character and the 'agony' he is in. When Elizabeth and John Proctor see each other, the stage directions…...
Danforth Character in a Play The Crucible
Words • 1315
Pages • 5
It was such acts of frivolity which led to the mass hysteria and innocent killings in "The Crucible": A group of girls, consisting of Abigail who goes on to become a key player in the eventual witch trials, Mary Warren who plays a pivotal role in the fate of John Proctor and Betty Parris the daughter of Reverend Samuel Parris amongst other girls, were caught dancing in the woods, with West Indian slave Tituba. After being caught by Reverend Parris,…...
The Crucible’s Relevance to today’s Society
Words • 699
Pages • 3
In Salem like in 1950's America any one who is different or who people don't like the girls brand them as a witch in Salem. In America Senator Joseph McCarthy would brand them a communist. An example of when some when is accused of witch-craft is when Abagail says (like in many other occasions) "I saw Goody Sibber with the devil. " I think this is the message Arthur Miller was trying to get across. As if he had openly…...
Hale’s Character in Arthur Miller’s Play The Crucible
Words • 451
Pages • 2
A discussion of the character of Reverend John Hale in the play "The Crucible" by Arthur Miller In literature, there are different types of characters. There are the types of characters that change during the story and some that don't, dynamic and static. There is also how the character is described in the story. They might be flat, meaning the character is stereotyped, or he might be rounded, being the author described him in such a way as to just…...
The Crucible: the strain in John and Elizabeth’s relationship
Words • 1001
Pages • 4
Miller shows the strain in John and Elizabeth's relationship in a number of ways. He does this by giving them each one line; he does this to show that the couple are greatly uncomfortable with talking to each other. "What keeps you so late? It's almost dark" "I were planting far out to the forest edge". this shows that this couple is very scared to talk to each other and say more than one short sentence to each other. The…...
The Crucible was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller
Words • 747
Pages • 3
The Crucible was written in 1952 by Arthur Miller. It was written to expel his fury at the McCarthyist trials of 50s America, The play is set in Salem, USA in 1692 during the time of the famous witch trials, which he used as an allegory for the courtroom trials of McCarthyist America. The essay title 'Moral Crusade or Personal Vendetta' draws parallels to the McCarthyism of the 1950's where whole lives were destroyed merely on the strength of accusations.…...
The Crucible – Power and Manipulation
Words • 559
Pages • 3
'The Crucible' is set in a theocratic society, a religious community in which the church and the state are one. The religion was very strict; a harsh form of Protestantism known as Puritanism. Because of the theocratic nature of the society, moral laws and state laws were one and the same; sin and the status of an individual's soul were matters of public concern. There was no room for divergence from social norms, since any individual whose personal life did…...
The Crucible and Heart of Drakness summary
Words • 610
Pages • 3
"Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves. " Friedrich Nietzsche made this statement. In my mind it means that you are not free until you can take responsibility for yourself. You do not need others help anymore is when you are free. I agree with this statement in many ways. Two good examples are seen in the books The Crucible by Arthur Miller and The Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad. These books both use literary elements such…...
The crucible, God in heaven what is John Proctor?
Words • 2296
Pages • 9
When Proctor talks to Parris he is very different, which is very likely to cause trouble for him later. He says to Parris, "You hardly ever mention God anymore. " A stage direction reads "There is a shock among the others" which shows that this is a very shocking thing to say to someone who is considered so important in the village. By not only saying this does Proctor demonstrate a great lack of respect but also that he has…...
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FAQ about The Crucible

Who is the Tragic Hero in The Crucible?

...In conclusion to the many details covered, the story reveals to us that John Proctor is seen as a tragic hero in his resemblance that he is well respected in the village, Proctor is a very honorable man on his behalf, he also is dependable and despis...

The Crucible – Who Is To Blame

...In short, this is a drama full of human kindness and moral judgment. People play different roles. They tried to become good, but they became hypocritical. To be a good person, they forget what truth is. For their pride, they also refused to take resp...

How John Proctor’s Character Shapes The Crucible

...He enjoyed a good reputation in the beginning, and even though his wife had her suspicions about his fidelity, she loved him and admitted that she knew he was a good man. He divulged a secret that would save his wife’s life but, in the end, could n...

The crucible, God in heaven what is John Proctor?

...We can forgive him for his sin because he shows genuine remorse and displays great love for his wife. He also demonstrates incredible courage by his willingness to die for his beliefs and ensure that his friends did not die in vain. In my opinion Joh...