The creation as an outsider in Frankenstein Essay

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The creation as an outsider in Frankenstein


This links back to the notion of the outsider as the family’s home is far from the town. He learns how to speak by listening by the children being tutored and he also learns good manners and some understanding of right and wrong. He stays in the outbuilding for some time before deciding that he has learnt enough from the family to have a civilised introduction to the blind man. The creation is left alone and lost. He seeks revenge on Frankenstein and comes across his younger brother William and accidentally murders him, as he is not aware of his own strength.

The creation uses what intelligence he has and plants a locket that belonged to William, around the neck of Justine. She is then found guilty and sentenced to death. Nevertheless, Frankenstein does not come forth to prove Justine innocent; he is too scared to admit that it was the creation that killed William, as he would become an outsider himself. The term ‘prejudice’ means injustice and intolerance towards someone or a certain cause. The blind man too, has suffered prejudice, making him an outsider too. This, for the creation, is good news, as the blind man cannot judge him by his looks, only by his personality.

He accepts him straight away as the blind man can only ‘see’ his personality. ‘That is indeed unfortunate; but if you are really blameless, cannot you undeceive them? ‘ The blind man sees sympathy and does not understand why the creation has been exiled from society as he can only see his persona. The contrast can be seen when Felix, the blind man’s son re-enters the house to see the creation and the blind man in discussion. Immediately, Felix reacts to what he sees rather than what he knows about the creation and tries to tear him away from this father.

However, the creation has learned of mercy. Even though he has done nothing wrong, he acts with no anger towards Felix. Love and compassion have helped the creation learn a new language but this still isn’t enough to have him acknowledged positively in society. The prejudice towards the creation is now becoming worse and pushing him even further from society, as even another outsider cannot even accept him. The creation decides to flee society for good and get revenge on Frankenstein from abandoning him in the first place.

He meets him on a sea of ice and commands him to make him a companion so he can travel far away from society with his new female creation. The creation feels that if he only had the chance to love, he could be happy and promised to leave civilisation in peace. Victor agrees to make the new creation but then destroys her, an act that would have ultimately eased the creations solitude. This is a selfish act from Frankenstein. He could have ended the creations emotional rampage but is too worried about him getting discovered. Creating and keeping more secrets makes Frankenstein even more of an outsider.

The creation and Frankenstein are now doppelgangers. The creation only mirrors the acts of Victor, as he knows nothing else. So, as the creation killed William, Frankenstein let Justine be killed. It is at the point where neither of them can live if the other does. At first impressions, it would seem that the creation was the monster. He has an ugly visage, superman human strength and a grotesque body, ‘His yellow skin scarcely covered the work of muscles’. Shelley reflects the interest of science upon the creation. Nevertheless, the creation has a kind heart and only wished to be loved as any human does.

In the end, it would appear Frankenstein is the outsider. From playing God and putting nature against nurture, he has ruined his life and ended those special to him unjustly. In conclusion, the creation did not make Frankenstein an outsider, but himself. Mary Shelley successfully made the creation an ultimate outsider. Show preview only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Mary Shelley section.

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