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The Creation and Manipulation of Databases Essay

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Mr. Amir Khan has begun his own weekend tuition along with his partner Mrs. Cassie Williams. The tuition is called Amir’s Saturday Tuition and is for GCSE students between the ages of 14-16 of all abilities who wish to learn Mathematics, Sciences, English Literature and English Language. The tuition will run between 11am to 6pm on Saturdays. Approximately 60 students have currently enrolled and they will begin from September 2007. There are approximately 10 teachers who will teach the above stated subjects to small groups of 6 to students of different levels. Classes will be conducted in different rooms belonging to the teacher.

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The Problem

There is no current registering system or database to file the student’s details. In an emergency, student’s details need to be found immediately. Mrs. Cassie Williams is very firm about students keeping a good attendance. Therefore, it is her wish that a register be included in the database. Details of all students have been requested and these details need to be put into the database. The details include their full name, date of birth, address, telephone number, mobile number and emergency contact information. Two registers need to be created for both the Mathematics teacher, Mr. Juelz Santana and the Science teacher, Mr. Chris Brown. Mr. Amir Khan has asked me to assist him in creating these two databases. He wishes for the database to include:

* The student’s full name, address, date of birth, telephone number and emergency contact information to be present in the database

* An attendance record for all students for every week in each term.

* A database with teacher’s details

* Search tool

* Password protection

Alternative Solutions

An alternative solution to database is word processor or spreadsheet. Tables could be created to store the details of students. The logo could be placed on the document too. Searches could be performed and the document could also be password protected. However, mistakes can be made since there are no validation rules.

Database is ideal to make the registers on for many reasons. Firstly, validation checks like presence checks, length checks and character type checks limit the users’ mistakes. Queries can be made to search for data meeting a certain criteria. Forms and reports can be prepared almost instantly. Files can be linked together so that if one file is updated the other files dependant on that file will also automatically be updated. The addition, deletion and editing of data is simple. The database can be password protected to allow certain people to access the database tables.

Why ICT is a sensible way of solving this problem

ICT is a sensible way of solving this problem for many reasons.

Instead of a computerised filing system, filing cabinets would have to be used. This wastes space and delays time since searching can take time. Duplicates of

Mistakes on a hand written system are likely and the system would have to be rewritten, which will waste time or correction fluid will be have to used making the system look messy and unprofessional. This is not a problem on a computerised system, since things can simply be deleted. A computerised system would save time, would look far more presentable than a paper based one and be more accurate. Saving a computerised system is fast and easy. However, a paper based system would need to be filed away safely. Changes would be easier on a computerised system instead of using correction fluid on the paper based one. Illegible handwriting would be hard to read and could create errors and confusion.

Quantitative Objectives

My objectives of this task are the following.

1. To create a database, which stores student’s details

2. To create a database, which also acts as an attendance record.

3. To make the database password protected

4. To enable the user to create reports

5. To enable the user to run forms

6. To enable the user to create queries

7. To link tables so that if changes are made in one table, the changes are clear in the other too.

8. To make the system easy to read and clear

9. To save the database on the appropriate backing storage.

10. To include the tuition logo in the system

11. Searching on the system should be easy

12. To make the forms include buttons linking from one record to another.



I will create data capture forms to require the following information:

* Student’s first name

* Student’s last name

* Student’s address

* Student’s postcode

* Student’s home telephone number

* Student’s mobile number

* Student’s email address

* Student’s predicted results

* Student’s current results

* Teacher’s first name

* Teacher’s surname

* Teacher’s telephone number

* Teacher’s email address

* Teacher’s subject

These forms will be handed to all the students enrolled for the tuition and the teachers too. Once completed, the information will be typed in the database using a keyboard. To save memory, codes will be used when entering the data into the database to shorten long words. For example ‘Rd’ will be used instead of Road and ‘St’ instead of Street. The information will be verified by the person who typed in these details by checking the data entered against the forms.


The database would validate the information by using range, format and presence checks. These checks would make sure that the right type of information is entered, that it is in the right format and that it is even entered. However, it will not check the accuracy of the data and this can only be done by proof reading the data entered against the forms. The computer will process the information in design view by changing it to the database view. It will also set up relationships between the tables, create forms, queries and also create reports.


The output of the database would be viewing the tables, forms, query results and reports on the monitor. Also, the student reports will be printed off and read as a hard copy. These will be printed on A4 white paper in landscape view. After printing off the student’s reports and creating the database, I will create another data capture form to highlight any mistakes I have made or any improvements I could make to the database. This form would be sent to the management and teachers as a means of feedback.


The user of the database should save the database as soon changes are made to avoid the loss of data. The database would need to be saved on the hard disk of the computer. Apart from saving on internal memory, it should be saved on external memory like USB memory stick and CD-RW’s. USB memory sticks come with a range of memories like 512MB or 1GB. I would recommend for the user to make use of the 1 GB memory stick since there is more memory on it and therefore more data can be saved on it. A CD-RW is preferable to use because it can save 700MB of data and this data can be deleted and changed unlike a CD-R. The USB memory stick and CD-RW should be kept safely and away from the original system. As soon updates are available, the database should be saved on both the internal and the external memory. The updated database should also be emailed to the company’s email address as soon as possible as a means of backup.


The users should be asked for their usernames and passwords when accessing the computers. These passwords and usernames should be changed after every three months to avoid hackers. The database should be password protected too. Hard copies of reports on students should be kept in a locked filing cabinet away from the computers. The rooms with the computers and filing cabinet should have a security and fire alarm in it. The doors should be kept locked when there is no teacher present there. The hardware should have security labels on them in case of a theft. An antivirus software should be installed in the computer to prevent viruses from entering the computer system. A network monitoring system should be installed to protect the network.


To create and use the database, the following software will be required:

1. Microsoft Access

Access is the preferred software over other types of software because of its capability to create complex searches called queries, produce reports, and convenient data entry forms. The database created on Access can also be made relational to link files together and further improve it. Mistakes are limited because of the many and useful validation checks like presence checks, length checks and character type or format checks. The database can also be made password protected to ensure its security.

2. Symantec Norton Antivirus Software and Firewall 2007

This software helps prevent viruses which can corrupt data from coming on to the computer system.

3. The Multi Router Traffic Grapher

This software monitors the traffic load on network links


To create and use the database, the following hardware will be required:

1. 3 Packard Bell Istart 1360 desktop PC – AMD Athlon 64 3200+ processor (with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition, 512MB DDR RAM, 80GB hard disk drive)

2. 3 17″ Sony Flat Panel Monitor

3. 3 keyboards

4. 3 mice

5. Inkjet printer

6. Hub

7. Cables

A large memory of the computer is needed to save the database. Three computers will be needed for both teachers and receptionist or network manager and will be networked together. To network the computers, a hub and cables are needed. Since all the computers will be networked, only one printer is needed. This printer should be an inkjet one because it produces decent quality printouts at a reasonable price.

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