The COVID-19 Crisis

Hey guys, and welcome back to Blog and Chill blog. Today we are going to talk about the COVID-19 or Coronavirus crisis. The COVID-19 virus is the First pandemic the world has seen in nearly 8 years after the Swine Flu, which was in 2012. It’s just that the COVID-19 pandemic situation is way bigger than the previous one as COVID-19 is currently in every single country (except for some countries that you can count on your fingers).

It all started a few days before the New Year started.

A few even noticed the thing and most of them ignored it. While everyone was celebrating the New Year with their families and friends, a group of friends in the city of Wuhan, which is located in china, were said to have consumed some kind of bat soup, and thus starting the new pandemic; another story is that a woman working in one of the markets that sell exotic animal meat in Wuhan, and got infected with the virus.

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There is no exact story to what happened. Anyway, as the number of infected people increased, the WHO created a protocol that everyone had to follow in these hard times. The whole situation changed the way everyone lived. Here are 5 ways COVID-19 changed the way we live:

  • Working/Studying from home

Every person whose work doesn’t require their presence are now working or studying from home. For example, bankers, school/university students. Bankers usually call their colleagues to keep each other up-to-date with what they are doing at work, they can use emails as well.

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Students use an app called Zoom Meeting, they have to open up their cameras as it is a normal session at school; except they are at home. It’s a lot harder to keep up using Zoom than actually going to school, because what if one person has serious internet problems? There is nothing they can do about it, and that affects their grade. It is also harder for those who have jobs as an amount of their monthly salary is being taken for medical purposes which makes some employees work less productively. The use of transport has decreased drastically because the majority of people have their work online.

  • Family/friends gathering

People can hardly meet up with their families and friends as there are strict rules that restrict roaming in the streets after a certain hour (the hour is according to the country you are living in); if anyone was caught outside after that hour, they either get arrested or are fined an amount of money as they are considered people who are purposely spreading corona. Governments suggested staying at home even during times that roaming is allowed in. Sadly, a lot of people couldn’t handle staying home and met up with them, which resulted in the majority of them being victims of the virus.

  • Sport

People who train a certain sport are no longer able to do it: Normal exercising may be easy, just look up some exercise videos on YouTube, but there are some people who have to attend their training sessions, and that’s hard for swimmers, people who go to the gym and all those whose trainings require their presence. And that may affect their health negatively.

  • The amount of people who have hygiene protocols have increased

The WHO (World Health Organization) have suggested washing your hands regularly, social distancing, and applying hand sanitizers, masks and gloves wherever you go. A lot of people followed that, which resulted in reducing the infection rate by a small percentage, which is good.

  • It offered people time alone and family bonding:

All of us need some time alone to relax, sleep and also some private time. Families began to bond more as they are all stuck in the same place. They began to understand each other more, spend time with each other and do some activities together.

Overall, COVID-19 may have ruined a lot of things, but as it ruined those things, it offered other stuff that we didn’t have like family bonding, private time and the decrease of pollution. The planet can now finally breathe, the environment is no longer polluted like it was before and the whole in the Ozone layer is getting covered again as there is no pollution. Things will be fixed as time passes. Right now, we have to do nothing but wait and pray, and god will eventually free us from the Coronavirus. Just make sure you stay away from people as much as possible.

“This is not a financial crisis. This is just a temporary moment of time that we will overcome together as a nation and as a world.” – Donald Trump

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The COVID-19 Crisis

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