The Cost of College Essay

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The Cost of College

The cost to attend college is high, and has been rising for many years. The cost of college is too high, a lot of people can’t afford it, and unemployment rates are sky high. Why is the cost of college so much? The best answer would be our economy. Our economy has a great effect on the rising prices of everything, including college tuition. Another factor influencing the price of college is the demand for a higher education, for a well-paying job is more than ever. The problem of the cost of college right now is that many people can’t afford to go to college, and it puts them in debt even though it may be worth it.

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The cost of college is rising, and has been rising for many years. Even though the prices can be more or less depending on what state the college is in, what degree students plan on getting, and what type of college students go to, the costs are still very high. At a private four-year college the total cost would be over $40,000. At a public four-year college the cost would be more than $20,000. The cost to attend a two-year college would be more than $14,000. Most jobs require employees to have some sort of degree.

Even though the prices keep rising, more and more people are going to college to get a better education, so they can get a well-paying job (English). Another issue with the high costs of college is the debt that comes along with it. Sure, some people get scholarships, and others have the money they need, but some people don’t. The people that don’t have enough money or don’t get a scholarship that want or need to go to college have to borrow the money. Borrowing these large amounts of money causes a lot of debt. Graduates can have thousands of dollars in debt.

Debt can cause many problems all throughout life. Since most graduates cannot get a well-paying job right out of college, they have problems paying the high amounts of debt off (Adams). Others think that the cost of college should not be a problem because it is worth it. Going to college means that graduates will be able to get a better paying job than they could without a degree. Having a better job will eventually allow graduates to pay off loans and thrive in the real world. People who have a Doctorate or Professional degree earn between $120,000 and $150,000 per year.

People who have a Masters or Bachelor’s degree earn between $80,000 and $95,000 per year. People with only a high school education only earn about $45,000, and people with less than a high school education only earn about $30,000. It is important to have a job that will pay enough to live a good life and even support a family. Even though the cost of a college education is ridiculously high, it is completely worth it. Getting a college education and having better job opportunities to get a well-paying job helps people in many ways throughout their lives (Luhby).

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