The corrupt police Essay

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The corrupt police

After closely reading Sonia Nazario’s 2006 Enrique’s Journey book, I can only gladly marvel at the author’s expertise in exploring the smallest facets of human nature. To illustrate, through the book, Nazario digs into the surface to demonstrate that humanity can demonstrate unparalleled hope, resilience, and determination. Such traits are evident through the actions of the book’s protagonist – Enrique. On the flipside, reading the book has made me feel deep contempt with regard to the author’s depiction of some very unbecoming human qualities.

For example, Nazario explains that some of the characters in the book portray behaviors that make the lives of other people very hard and even dangerous. Key among such characters are the corrupt Mexican police who thrive on bribes. Further, the bandits and the gangsters that Enrique encounters along the way do not make things easier for the young boy. Such unacceptable behavior makes me to regard humanity as upholding customs and behaviors that unnecessarily harm other people.

All in all, Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey’s expert depiction of the details surrounding Enrique’s Honduras-USA voyage makes me unearth some commendable as well as unacceptable traits of human beings. To begin with, the determination that Enrique demonstrates as he charts unfamiliar and dangerous territory to find Lourdes – his mother – gladdens my heart due to the inherent resilience depicted. For instance, the young boy encounters many hardships both before and during the ambitious journey. It is worth noting that Enrique does to have the money to pay for his journey.

He thus has to hop from the roof of one goods train to another to execute his voyage. This is a very dangerous undertaking because the boy risks being detected and deported or even making a false step that would mean his death. On top of being penniless, the boy only has the telephone address of his mother’s residence (Nazario 25). This is inadequate information to track someone in strange territory. Moreover, the boy encounters mean bandits and gangsters who add to his worries along the way. The bandits steal from immigrants like Enrique while the gangsters control the trains’ roofs – the medium through which Enrique travels to America.

The corrupt police who demand bribes from immigrants in exchange for safe passage to America add to Enrique’s troubles. Despite such seemingly insurmountable hardships, the boy bravely soldiers on, demonstrating unexplainable resilience and hope. Such a firm and consistent depiction of toughness that is sustained by indescribable hope makes my heart swell with pride due to the boy’s pleasant qualities. On the contrary, I am deeply perturbed by the extreme meanness and inconsiderate behavior that is demonstrated by some characters such as the bandits, the gangsters, and the police that Enrique encounters.

For example, it is very irritating to learn that the police expect bribes from people who suffer like Enrique and his fellow immigrants. Such an act amounts to heartless exploitation of disenfranchised persons. Moreover, the bandits’ habit of stealing from suffering immigrants demonstrates a total lack of morals whereby humans behave like beasts. Similarly, the act of the gangsters purporting to own the roofs of the trains on which Enrique travels is very disheartening. Such unacceptable behavior, which demonstrates the dark side of human character, makes my heart bleed for the world’s suffering people of the likes of Enrique.

In conclusion, reading Nazario’s Enrique’s Journey book has aroused both bitter and sweet sensations in me. For example, the police, bandits, and ganisters behavior of exploiting Enrique blots humanity’s characters, thus dampening my spirits. Conversely, Enrique’s utter resilience, courage, and hope that see him endure the heartrending journey are among humanity’s commendable characters which make me to become thrilled. Works Cited Nazario, Sonia. Enrique’s Journey. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2007.

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