The Controversies Surrounding Animal Research

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Animal researches have been significantly preferred in the past due to the limited ethical issues that were being addressed at the time. Currently there have been significant issues that have been put in place involving animal research where there is need to ensure there is a greater understanding on the underlying ethical issues in order to ensure that there is development of effective scientific researches that involve animal research. The controversies in studies involving researches that involve animals have been mainly due to significant focus on animal rights and scientific research procedure that require effective focus on the research process and ensuring that they are well engaged.

The main issues that surround use of animals in research is that it is morally wrong to use animals to solely benefit humans without ensuring that there is greater understanding on the underlying risks that are likely to affect the animals depending on the type of focus that the study considers, A key counter argument that has been in support of use of animals in researches has been based on the understanding that removing animals as basis of research will impede the development of major treatment intervention which will ensure that there a greater focus and understanding on what needs to be considered to create a well enabled environment.

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It is known that various studies that are conducted do have detrimental impact on the animals that are included mainly due to the chemicals that are integrated, Animals present the nearest link to humans and thus a treatment intervention can be considered effective when it has a positive impact on animals where it would be possible to develop a better locus on the underlying issues in research, Developing clear outline on a given strategy regarding the methodology involved provide a greater focus where it is possible to have a positive engagement through ensuring a positive integration of all participants.

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The early Greek philosophers asserted that animals do not deserve moral consideration since they are unable to make morally upright decisions themselves.

Moral consideration is usually extended to animals where they feel there is need for such focus The moral focus has been a major source of focus among animal activists, which have sought to ensure that consideration of animal morality in research The level of focus on animals that can be included in researches has significantly been based on their ability to have influence on the overall environment under which better development can be done, Another important element that aspect that is considered in animal research is the harm done. Animals also experience pain and distress and thus most of the scientific researches that are done involving animals tend to cause harm, distress and can be fatal to some extent depending on the clinical trial that is being, It is usually believed and known that it is more easier to experiment on animals that risking the lives of individual with a clinical practice that has not been tested Therefore, key concepts that are considered in this case include avoiding pain distress or death on animals There is need to maintain a positive environment under which it is possible to ensure that animals are included in a research while following the underlying issues which will improve the ethical research process.

The primary ethical elements that can be considered within a research environment including animals is that it is acceptable to sue animals for human benefit but the purpose of the use that is considered within a given research process must be able to benefit the whole world This means that it is ethically good when the action of eliminating one animals for the benefit of million humans within a given context. The overall use of animals should be greatly minimized with crucial significant placed on the research procedure, which is important in creating an improved environment where it would be possible to understand the underlying essential elements that help in maintaining a positive engagement under which it would be possible to have a better research environment, Ensuring that the information that is obtained within a given research environment is reliable and valid is key in scientific researches since it is important to ensure that the underlying research process can be replicated.

Animal welfare act provides important principles that must be effectively upheld when using animals in research. Animal rights and animal welfare are crucial in carrying out research using animal subjects. I believe that the use of animals in research is deemed being ethical depending on the approach that the researcher puts in place regarding the animals that are being used. Being ethically will mean that the researcher must be able to outline clear, which he or she hopes to achieve and develop an understanding on the risks and benefits that are involved in the study to both humans and animals that are participating in the study. A greater emphasis on ethical correct research procedures will ensure that the researcher is able to determine the underlying issues and address the theme effectively, If the research that is, being developed is seeking to create a new intervention within a given focus within healthcare, The fact that the focus and objectives of the study are significant and are likely to benefit a large population and thus the use of animals in order to conduct clinical trials will be highly considered as well as the study can be developed effectively under which it would be possible to improve human wellbeing. We cannot risk the wellbeing of humans.

This means that there is need to develop an alternative under which it would be possible to have an understanding under which it is possible to improve medical environment through effective development of research based practices The use of animals need to be done in the right way and following the right ethical research aspects which are crucial in the overall positive development of positive learning concepts. The ethical issues arise in this case based on how these studies are being done and how they can achieve the set objectives, This means that if there were no effective study methodology, it would be very difficult to develop a clear understanding under which it would be possible to improve the research process If the researcher does not focus on key concepts within the society and which have high influence on the lives of human, it would be very difficult to develop a greater focus and understanding where it can have a significant impact on human lives.

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