The Contributions of the Nursing Profession

The nurses’ contributions to healthcare are immense. However, nurses have for long been regarded to be doctors hand maidens but that perception if gradually changing with time. As the country restructures the healthcare systems, nurses on the other hand are being trained more vigorously in order to perform the basic roles of a doctor.

Traditionally, the training of nurses was based on technical skills aimed at assisting the doctors in their operations. Fast forward to today, nurses are getting better education and training which allows them to assume the standing duties of a doctor. Nurses today have the ability to think critically and offer quality care to patients in the absence of a doctor. Modern training has enabled nurses to conduct complicated diagnoses thus improving efficiency in the healthcare system. By so doing, hospitals today do not suffer acute shortages of doctors because nurse can easily step up and assume a doctor’s role. The roles of a nurse in healthcare are very crucial since besides treatment, they ensure that other roles within the hospital are met in order to provide an efficient healthcare delivery system.

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One of the most basic roles of nurses is enhancing patient safety. Nurses spend more time with patients more than the doctor could possibly spend. During this time, nurses ensure that no medical errors occur to the patient as well as ensuring that the patients receive the right therapy to safeguard their health.

Due to these bedside duties, nurses gradually learn the health-care systems that are effective in caring for patients and the systems that delay the delivery of care to their patients.

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Nurses therefore have more influence in healthcare and can recommend the appropriate change for the systems. The transformational training of nurses today pressures them to assume leadership roles within the healthcare system. For that reason, the government has pushed nurses to strengthen their positions by acquiring a master’s degree which would place nurses in parallel positions with physicians and pharmacists. This shows that the future of nursing is much promising as the career gradually evolves from a mere technical skill occupation to a more complex profession. It is important to acknowledge that when a nurse acquires a master’s degree, they can perform some more complex health operations that would otherwise be done by physicians. The roles or nurses continue to be imperative in healthcare delivery systems thus the opportunities will constantly grow as the nature of the work changes.

In healthcare, nurses are generalists who can professionally work with staffs from various healthcare ranges to provide technical support and coordinate healthcare related work to meet the goals of a patient. For that reason, nurses can be considered to be clinical leaders since they devote their time towards caring for patients while their seniors manage other issues such as budgeting and HR issues. The government is consistently improving the level of healthcare and clinical safety through programs such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO) which provides incentives to healthcare providers for caring for patients.

For that reasons, nurses become motivated in their delivery of care through association with other healthcare professionals. The aftermath is an effective and efficient healthcare system. In a move to improve the healthcare system, the government has also introduces and advocated for some advanced practices such as medical homes, nurse managed care, and clinical nurse specialists. All these are new opportunities that have been created for the nursing profession. These advances practices are aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery to patients. Medical homes for are also referred to as patient based medical home care and comprises of a team of nurses who deliver modeled healthcare services to patients at their homes. This system aimed at achievement of maximal health results. Advanced practice nurses are well trained to diagnose and treat injuries as well as illnesses.

The nurses also prescribe medicine to the patient and assume all the roles of doctor to ensure that the patient is well cared for. Another form of advanced practice includes the nurse managed care for patients. As a way of improving the healthcare system, the government has also encouraged nurse managed care across the country. This is where all form of medication and healthcare services are provided by nurses across the country. The nurses have been observed to bring excellent healthcare to vulnerable patients. Besides treating ill people, the nurses also educate people to create awareness and promote healthy practices and the general well-being of the community. Nurse managed care has played a vital role in enlightening patients on the causes of their health problems through counseling, comprehensive care and provision of other supportive amenities. Nurse managed care centers are among the most effective affordable and accessible healthcare systems for the community.

Most of these advanced systems work with the underserved members of the community and develop unique programs that are designed to help them. Nurse managed care also works with other healthcare providers to give comprehensive care to the vulnerable patients. As seen in this paper, the nursing roles are very crucial and imperative in healthcare. With some of the advanced practices introduced in the healthcare system, it is almost predictable that the vital help offered by the nurses will be needed across the country hence ensuring continuity and development of the nursing profession.

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